HOW TO SOLVE THE MAZERCISE PUZZLE | Five Nights At Freddy’s: Security Breach

Have you run out of patience (and working brain cells) just trying to solve this mazercise puzzle on Five Nights of Freddy’s: Security Breach? I know I have. Good thing it’s Erderi The Fox to the rescue! In the video, she’ll be explaining neat tips and tricks because we don’t want you to waste your precious gaming time with a puzzle that has no animatronics chasing you. Like, come on.

You’ll need to use three cameras, and the puzzle consists of large tiles which make up 5 rows and 5 columns. Keep in mind that the tiles are quite big and they’re also color-coded. You have to look for tiles that do not block the pathways that you have to go through. Erderi The Fox explains it much better than I do, so go watch her video!

Once you get out of the maze, share this information with your fellow FNF players! Or not. You can just keep it to yourself like the information-hoarding gremlin you are, but it’s better if you share. And remember that those creep animatronics are still out to get you when you solve the mazercise puzzle, so run for your life…and have fun!

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