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Bloodwash is a short horror game about going to the laundromat at night that is supposed to be completed in one session.


We are playing as Sara who has to do her laundry to look her best for her job interview the next day, but the only open laundromat is pretty far and there is currently a serial killer who targets women about. Will you be able to survive the night?


At first, you have some time to kill waiting for the clothes to wash and dry. During this time, we have to investigate the mystery behind another burnt-down laundromat that’s juxtaposed to the one we are using. Of course, the killer shows up and we have to survive. The game is very story-oriented and doesn’t pose much of a challenge, it will definitely scare you a lot, however.

bloodwash review
Rather aptly named.


  1. The pacing is very interesting and original. It mixes the scares and intense moments with some interesting investigations. You actually have to wait in real-time while your clothes are in the wash and it’s up to you how to spend that time.
  2. The voice acting is pretty good and the characters are interesting to interact with.
  3. The style. Of course, the style is amazing – especially if you like Puppet Combo’s games.
  4. The game is pretty cheap.


  1. The showdown at the end is a bit disappointing. Maybe it’s because of the way I handled it (hiding in a corner where the killer is apparently unable to stab you).
  2. The plot twist at the end is a bit meh, but apparently there are also other plot twists that you can experience.
  3. The textures this game uses are a bit funky as they are a somewhat wobbly when you move either closer or further away from it, so that might cause some motion sickness. I used to feel like that (motion sickness) playing similar games before, but have to say I felt OK playing through this one. Just know that it might be an issue for some people.


bloodwash gameplay
Sadly, a killer that can be defeated by standing in a corner tends to lose a lot in terms of the scare factor.

I’d rate this game 7.2 dirty clothes piles / 10. If you like horror games that are styled in a similar way, you are definitely going to love this one! Don’t be put out by the “silly” concept of doing your laundry in a game; it’s worth checking out.

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