FRIDAY NIGHT FUNKIN ANIMATION – Boyfriend VS Garcello (Animation)

Garcello vs Boyfriend

Do you have a strong desire to a) not smoke cigarettes and b) engage in epic rap battles? If you answered yes to those questions, you need to check this Friday Night Funkin’ animation out. Watch as Garcello wheezes out his bars (is that early stage emphysema I hear) vs. Boyfriend. Also, what is up with Girlfriends little fan?


Boyfriend – “What is that smoke“?

Girlfriend – “Coughs”. “Boyfriend, you smell SO BAD, go straight to shower”!

Boyfriend – “No wait! “Look over there”!

Garcello – “Hey!” (Coughs). “Hey little man, you wanna smoke”? “You look very cool”!

Boyfriend – “No I won’t”! “I hate smoking”. “I only do rap battle”.

Garcello – “You should try it”. “If you win a battle rap against me, I forget what you said”.

Boyfriend – “I accept”!

Round 2

Boyfriend – “Hey man, are you ok”?

Garcello – “My chest hurts, but I’m fine. I’m having so much fun”. “Let’s get going”.


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