Dorian Morris Adventure – Game review

Dorian Morris Adventure a coaching game from the developers at Forestlight Games.

Will the secrets of your missing grandfather be finally discovered? Who is your friend, and who should you avoid? What is the mysterious Book of Knowledge? Do you really know who you are and what is your destination?

So many questions!


You play as Dorian Morris if that’s not obvious enough, you follow tracks left by his grandfather, who was a famous traveler. Through your adventure you will solve puzzles and task, that has this competence analysis mechanism weaved in to it. The story is hard to follow and, in all honesty, I can’t explain it.

This game was made by a polish team with English translations, but half way through the game its main story telling aspect reverted back to polish, so I can’t really touch on it too much. It’s not the main aspect of this game though, but I will touch on these irregularity’s in a moment because there was more to this problem. 

Dorian is mainly focused on you and the answers you provide to questions and the way you handle puzzles throughout the game. The puzzles in the game are a delight, a Cesar cypher (that in all honesty I feel is just not fully implemented but still good) conflict analyses puzzles, elimination logic puzzles, memory puzzles and a few others.

All that really push your mental fortitude and I really liked them. I’m always a big fan of logic puzzles and the ones in this game are fairly tough. 

Now the questions, the best way I can explain the questions is, think of when you finish a resumé online. I don’t know if people outside of the US have this but the questions survey you have to do at the end is what they remind me of. They ask yes or no questions and number value questions to kind of understand you.

These are tedious no one really likes to do these and kind of rushes through them, but if you are curious about what the game may give you as a suggested profession, really take the time and evaluate each one to get the best results.

I kind of rushed my answers but tried to answer the best I could, and after finishing your scantron the game will tell you what you may find as a pleasurable work place. Mine told me a library assistant and I’m not sure that’s true, but again I rushed and maybe it would have given me something different if I would have taken my time. 

Overall, it’s an interesting game and concept, but the flaw in the game is its translation. Not really the writing but the format. Words collide with each other they are slightly out of place on the screen so they are hard to read, or they are still in polish. This of course will be changed hopefully soon, but while I played the game it made it just a tad difficult for me.

The puzzles and questions as well are quite tough, and looking at the game you might think it’s meant for all ages, but someone younger than someone in High school (Secondary School) will not be able to play this and it may lead some to make a poor financial decision. We will just have to see what the audience reviews say about this. 


So, if you are a big fan of logic-based puzzles and kind of want to see what profession you may get at the end, like a playable BuzzFeed questioner. It’s a great game for 9 dollars.

This is really going to be a game for a small crowed, but I applaud the creativity I don’t know many games like this and that’s why I love indie games. Always pushing in different directions and making things we would never think of being a game. 

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