Valheim – How to Import / Upload An Existing World To A Dedicated Server

In this video guide, we will show you how to import an existing Valheim world into a server of yours. With all the amazing things being built, many of which are downloadable to the public – knowing how to upload a world / content to a server of yours is a must.

Import Your World Into A Valheim Server

To do this, you will want to have the server installed on the same computer you are playing the actual game on. To make this work, you will simply need to edit the start file.

Step #1 – Hold down start and press “r” so the run dialogue box appears.

Step #2 – Type – %userprofile%\appdata\LocalLow

Step #3 – Press Enter – This will load up a new file browser.

Step #4 – Open the Iron Gate Folder –> Valheim –> Worlds

Note: All the worlds that you have in your offline game are stored in this folder. The character folder contains all your character data.

Step #5 – Copy the files in your worlds folder to the worlds folder on your server.

Upload Existing world to dedicated server in Valheim

Step #6 – Run the script that you used to open up the server. It could be named something like start.bat

Step #7 – Inside this file, you will see a “-world “____” argument. In this guide we have a -world argument and it is the “-world” that we want to change. Make sure the name inside quotation marks matches the name of the file (world) you want to import. Do not include the .db in the name.

Notice the -world “test” changes to “testworld” – no .db

Step #8 – Once you’ve made these changes, make sure you save the file.

Step #9 – Start up the server – This will now load into a world that has progress in it. Connect to the server, and you should be able to log in and get cracking!


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