Valheim – 14 Advanced Tips And Tricks

Valheim Advanced Tips

Tip #1 – Auto Walk: Press “Q” to lock your character into “auto walk”. It’s kinda like cruise control, but you’re not driving, you’re walking…and you’re a Viking. You can turn your character using the right mouse button.

Tip #2 – Map every island you land on. Pack some food, some mead, and go explore. Exploring and mapping every area on the map is both enjoyable and useful. Stay close to the coastline at first, then head into the mainland. Mark your map when you see something interesting. Crypts, burial chambers, and such are especially enjoyable to check out. Consider marking troll caves, tin deposits, and other unique features.

Tip #3 – Open your Map and ping places of interest using your middle mouse button. This allows you to notify everyone on your server that something is important there. This is very useful for planning out expedition routes, showing your friends areas of interest, and more. They can then physically mark that location on their map.

Tip #4 – While out exploring, take extra supplies with you so you can build another temporary base. This allows you to sleep/get comfort while also giving you a convenient place to spawn. This is pretty important. Consider creating a square-style structure that will allow you to place a bed and a workbench. This is a minimalist approach. Bring some regular wood, some core wood, and some stone for the fire. Monsters will be firing arrows and chucking stones, so having a place to chill works out nicely.

Tip #5 – Build a road! That’s right, you can build roads while out exploring, much like the ancient Romans did back in the day. This is an especially useful thing to do when you’re looking for ores. Simply take out your hoe (the other kind; get your head out of the gutter) and flatten the area as you go. This will help you find your way back should you get lost and you can easily pull a cart with you which makes transporting materials considerably easier.

Tip #6 – Run around with your hammer out. Literally. Every once in a while, you will want to move around your buildings and repair any items/structures that have taken damage. Have your hammer equipped and you can do just that. Wooden structures that are subject to water (rain, building in a swampy area) require maintenance. Give them a good hammering.

Tip #7 – If you’re cooped up in your base and taking damage from enemy mobs (I’m looking at you, Trolls), consider having one of your party members go around and repair the damage while the other members deal out the damage.

Tip #8 – Stack and label your storage crates. The inventory system in Valheim leaves a lot to be desired right now, but you can totally control your storage system. Consider putting a sign up above each of your chests so that you know what’s in them and what is meant to go in each crate. You can find the signs in the furniture menu.

Tip #9 – Protect your valuables from other players. Build a ward (looks like a strange little statue) to protect an area from other players. Also, if you are sharing a server and a player likes to loot your hard-earned gear, consider putting in a fake wall and not tell anyone about it. This works great until you can craft a ward.

Tip #10 – Enemy mobs have a lot of hate towards teleporters. In fact, if they see one, they will generally go after it until they smash it up. Not to worry, just build a teleporter inside a building.

Tip #11 – Construct a teleporter hub. This is also the best way to move items and gear around all of your bases. Consider having one central hub as your main storage spot.

Tip #12 – Moving unprocessed metals around is difficult as you can’t take them through a teleporter. You’ll need to create a cart and/or a fancy longboat to get the job done. When traveling by water, a longship goes incredibly fast and allows up to 18 storage spots. Nice.

Tip #13 – Once you’ve been to The Elder (second boss), you’re going to need to head to the swamps. This area is dangerous and dark. That said, you’ll want to go there anyway as there are a variety of sunken crypts that have iron ore. Book it through the swamps and when you see something of note (i.e. crypts, places of note), simply write it down on your map so you can bring a raiding party back later to fully explore them. Oh, and consider bringing some poison resist potions/mead. You’ll need them.

Tip #14 – Poison resistance is a requirement for the swamp. Health potions help a little, but prevention (poison resist) always beats cure (healing potions).


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