Escape From Tarkov – Top 3 Low Recoil M4A1 Builds – Patch 12.9

M4A1 Low Recoil Builds

With the recent 12.9 patch, a number of the attachments have had changes to their stats, some more than others. The M4 is still an incredible gun but the builds are now a little different, so let’s get into them.


Suppressors are now the best in-slot recoil attachments. Gas Blocks actually have recoil reduction stats now. While the M4 hasn’t gone up in cost much, it should be noted that the price for a good M4 recoil build has gone up across the board. Cheap stocks with good stats are history now as well.

In the video, there are three builds to look at it. One for the mid-game, before you unlock level 3 traders across the board, a mid-tier build showing a few of the upgrades available once you hit level 30, and lastly, the new meta-recoil build using level 4 traders.

Let us know what you think of the video and if you have any builds you’d recommend!

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