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V Rising: 8 Big Features The Game Needs (Eventually)

Vulkan here and here the things that I think V Rising needs to add to help round out the experience. I mean, what they have today is a great foundation and something they can build on, but there are some obvious gaps that V rising has. So let’s go down my list of things that I’d love to see them add! Keep in mind this is my list and are things I’d like to see, but yours might be different and you might value some different improvements, so make sure to comment below anything you want to see added.

1. Map Overlay

    a. As an ARPG gamer and someone who loves isometric looters, one of the first things I noticed was missing was an overlay map. Opening the full map while trying to head to a location is a headache and something that I thought would be here for early access. Now maybe this is part of the plan to help create more excitement and pvp encounters, I'm not sure. I just know that running then stopping to open the map then running again isn't exactly ideal. But I'm done harping on this one, it's simple and to the point. 

2. Party System

    a. For a game that wants to promote group content for either PvP or PvE, it's awfully light on group systems. Right now, you can create a clan and invite others to go do some fights, or you can tell other players to meet you at a point of interest. I think having a party tool would be great to quickly assemble a group of players to do something, then dissolve it afterwards. Clan works, but it's not as designed. 

3. LFG System

    a. Number three plays right into number 2. I'd love to have an LFG system that lets players post group listings to find others to party up with! You can list farming routes, boss fights, PvP duels, castle raids, whatever you want out there and players would be able to click and join a temporary party.
4. Better Traversal

    a. Next up, I want to talk about traversal. Right now, you can teleport to waygates as long as you don't have any resources in your inventory or you can use a cave passage to teleport with resources. Both of these I get and I understand the value they bring. However, I think there are some things that should be adjusted here. Basic materials like lumber, plant fibre, ore, etc should all be able to be teleported to help shorten the distance you need to travel each time. However, refined materials like grave dust and scourgestones, and key items like Soul Shards, should NOT be able to be teleported. I think having this balance would ease the burden of traveling back and forth while still restricting players if they need to transport items. 

5. Skill Depth

    a. One of the things that I was surprised to see missing from V Rising was depth to the skill system. Once you unlock a skill, that is it. It would be nice to see a way to invest into skills you use often. Maybe you build proficiency with those skills which gives you a point to use to augment that skill. Take Chaos Volley for example, let's say you rank up that skill and you get a point to invest - like adding another projectile to the volley to have three total shots, or causing Ward of the Damned to surround you on all sides instead of just in front. I feel like giving some extra progression here would help players find an identity in the game in terms of builds. 

6. Gear Variety

    a. Building on our previous point, I would also like to see more variety when it comes to gear set bonuses. Right now, they are almost all the exact same and while it's a powerful bonus, it's boring to see the same thing from gearscore 10 to gearscore 81. Having some that are more focused towards sorcery, melee, tanking, or support, would be great to see. 

7. Weapon Effects

    a. And to run with that idea, I would also like to see the endgame weapons come with cool effects like: 
        i. When you deal damage with scythe you have a 10% chance to Reap, which steals health from the enemy
        ii. When you successfully stun an enemy with mace, you gain a ward for 2 seconds equal to half the damage dealt
        iii. Activating stealth with slashers gives you a small amount of health regen for 2 seconds
        iv. You get the idea. 
    b. Because right now, it's just a stat stick and I appreciate the boost it gives me, but it really doesn't drive a certain type of behavior or choice other than whether or not you like the skills. 

8. Free Build Mode

    a. And our last point is for castle building. I have two things here that I'd love to see added:

        i. A free build mode where you can enter a sandbox where everything is free and you can design a castle to create a blueprint, then you can save that blueprint and import it into your world to build. Being a creative person, I love to have free reign to just assemble whatever I want to and give myself a goal to shoot towards in the live game. Plus this could lead to some really neat ways for the community to show off their creations. 

        ii. The other part is the ability to detach the camera when in build mode. Right now it's a bit clunky clicking on items to move them across a huge castle while you're trying to fight the camera. If I'm able to just enter a bird's eye view above my base and move things that way, I feel like it would be a much smoother process. I mean, you could even use bat form to do this. 

So guys, those are my top 8 things I would love to see added to the game this year. Will they? Maybe. But who knows. But I want to hear from you all, what are some things you would like to see added to the game?



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