New World – Best Places To Farm Platinum

Platinum Farming Guide

In this guide, we cover some of the best places to mine platinum in New World. You want to craft high-end jewellery? You will need platinum. This route will net you approximately 4,000 platinum per hour and it only takes about 12 minutes end-to-end. You’ll snag about 1,015 platinum per loop, with a respawn time of about 20 minutes. There are also some alligators on this route, so you may want to farm them as well.


Start in Reekwater, specifically near the river in Skyview repose, then loop up through that landmark, then head south to Mosswater and continue south until you reach a small ridgeline. This ridgeline has a number of plat nodes – once you have farmed them all, head back north and start the process all over again. It’s a short loop, but it is densely packed. Also, watch out for higher-level enemies, as this is a high-level area.

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