Valheim – How To Kill Bonemass

Curious how to kill the third boss, Bonemass, in Valheim? In this written and video tutorial, we show you how.


Before you engage in combat with Bonemass, you will need to do some prep work.

Step #1 – Gather 10 withered bones – You can find these in muddy scrap piles in the swamp dungeons or in dungeons lying around.

Step #2 – Drink a poison resistance mead. They last for 10 minutes, so two of them should do the trick. Craft them in the cauldron, and ferment them in the barrels.

Step #3 – Have good gear – in particular, fully upgrade bronze or iron gear should do the trick. Note: the boss is weak to blunt / impact damage. Hit him with a mace, hammer, or club, etc.

Step #4 – Bring your food. While all foods have their place, honey should be one of the foods you bring with you. Honey has the highest HP healing per tick in the game (5hp / tick). It helps with poison if you get hit.

Step #5 – The location of Bonemass can be found at a red location stone inside the swamp dungeons.

Bonemass – Attack Types

The boss has 3 primary methods of attack. His first attack is him reaching back and throwing some green mass that is more than it appears. When the mass hits the ground, it will spawn additional enemies you will have to deal with. Neat trick.

His second attack is an Area of Effect poison attack. When the boss is billowing that poisonous muck – you will want to stand clear of him. Seems simple enough. The poison has a pretty wide radius, so get outta dodge as soon as he starts to bubble.

The anti poison mead along with the fast healing honey comes in handy here.

His third and final attack is a melee one – he will sweep either his left or his right arm at you and well, it hits hard. It looks somewhat like a pimp slap, and it can come from either side. Dodge it or block it – you don’t have many choices really.

Oh, and when he dies, you will get a nice fancy trophy and a wishbone – nice.


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