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V Rising: How to Defeat Quincey The Bandit King!

Let’s talk about Quincey, the Bandit King in V Rising! This is the first V Blood Unit that requires a crafted item to access and has some interesting mechanics. He is also where you get your first ultimate ability! So let’s talk a little bit about him and how to get the fight started! If you don’t want spoilers, feel free to check out some of my other videos instead.

Okay, so like I said, the bandit king is the first kind of, keystone enemy perse. This guy isn’t too hard as long as you are near his level.

To get started, you have to complete a few prerequisites:

• You need to be level 30 and kill Clive the Firestarter. This boss will give you the recipe for an explosives box, which is used for blowing up massive resource deposits, but also for breaching walls.

• Once you take care of clive, stick around the Sulphur pit and farm out some sulphur ore because you’re going to need a lot of it.

• Next head back to your base and put the ore into the furnace to get sulphur

• Now, head to the alchemy table and craft an explosives box, it needs:
o 8 Sulphur
o 8 Plank
o 4 whetstone

• Once you have all of these, you can craft the box and access the Bandit King.

o Now, I wanted to mention, if someone else has blown open the door, you can just skip all this, but if not, you need to complete these steps. A blown off door lasts for about an hour if I recall correctly.

• Once inside the Bandit Stronghold, you need to follow the stairs all the way to the top. There will be groups of enemies you need to take out along the way.

o I highly recommend getting to the base before nightfall, that way you have the full night to clear and fight the King – we ran into an issue with running out of time and the arena he fights in has almost no shade.

• Once you reach Quincy, he will have two minions with him, they are easily killed, so just nuke them with AOE skills and then focus your time on the boss.

• Quincy has a few skills to watch out for:

o An Earthquake slam, this creates cracks in the ground that will explode after a few seconds. These deal a moderate amount of damage, so you want to make sure to avoid them at all costs.

o A Charge, this will cause Quincey to run towards you in a straight line. If he hits you, it will deal a large amount of damage and possibly one shot you if you are low enough.

o Mirror Shield, Quincy will create a bulwark that blocks all damage and reflects any projectiles that you throw at him. This is particularly bad if you are close range and try to use a skill like Chaos Bolts because those hit hard and leave a burn on you.

o Lastly, he has an enrage skill. He will begin glowing red and chain together three very fast charges, which can easily kill you if you eat more than one of them. Once he is done with this skill, he will take a knee so you can get some extra damage in on him.

• And that’s it for his skills! Occasionally, he will summon minions that you need to take care of. I highly recommend killing them before returning to damage the boss because they can get super annoying if they are archers or trappers.

And honestly folks, that’s it!

I was able to solo him at gearscore 36 using a merciless sword and it worked great! After he was downed, I could make iron weapons and hollowfang gear, which launched me into the next tier.

I hope this quick overview helps and happy hunting folks!



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