Ultimate Basics And Comfort Guide For Valheim

Everything you need to know about Valheim and more particularly, “comfort”, in Valheim – more or less… Can be found in this guide. Let’s get started!

What is Resting?

Before we get into what comfort is and how it works, we should quickly discuss resting. If you have recently rested, you will have a “resting buff” or “rested buff”. When you are resting, or have the rested buff, you will have significantly increased health and stamina regeneration rates. How long your rested buff lasts depends on your comfort level.

Valheim Comfort Basics

The first thing you will want to do is place a campfire down – doesn’t matter where you put it. Sit down near the fire, hit “x” to set down near the fire. This will give you a comfort of 1. It will also give you a rested buff of 8 minutes as well. You will get to hold on to that 8 minutes until you jump up and start to move around / explore.

Note: Anything above a comfort level of 1 will add an additional minute.

Comfort Level 3

Comfort Level 3 Valheim
Comfort Level 3

To get a comfort level of 3, you will want to build a structure and a fire as shown in the above diagram. You will need 5 stone and at least 16 wood to make it. Be sure to move underneath the structure, with your back to the fire, to get the positive effect. You will get a 10 minute rested buff once.

What Gives Comfort?

In Valheim, a variety of furniture provides comfort. This is intuitive, as a bed or a chair is far more comforting than laying down on the grass or sitting on a rock. In particular, beds and Dragon Beds will give you comfort. The stool, chair, bench, the Raven throne, table, the hanging brazier, the lox rug, the wolf and deer rug, and one banner will all give you comfort in Valheim. Note: Having more than one banner does not increase your comfort level, so simply select the one you like most.

Furniture is not the only way to get comfort. A fire is a way to increase comfort (1 comfort), while the hearth will provide you with 2.

Bronze Age – Comfort

Achieving a comfort level of 9 while in bronze age is easily attainable. You can acheive that with a bed, table, deer rug, chair, banner, and your fire. That will do the trick. That said, you do not want to place a bench or a stool down. This seems strange, and it is, but hey, we didn’t make the game. Placing a stool, for example – overrides the chair. The chair gives two comfort points, and a stool gives one.

Also, if you kill wolves or loxes (4 appears to be the number) you can collect their pelts. Stacking 4 wolf or lox pelts allows you to attain a comfort level of 11 during the bronze age. This is a handy trick.

Max Comfort Level

The current maximum comfort level in Valheim is 17, as of Feb. 17 2021. I note that date because this could change when the game comes out of early access and / or with future patch updates. This provides a 24 minute buff. If you are playing with friends, and you decide you’d like your beds to be near each other – this is a bad idea. Placing lower level beds near each other results in a drop in comfort level.

If you upgrade your bed, make sure all players upgrade their bed (when playing multiplayer).

Item And Furniture Placement

When dropping items and furniture, it looks like 5 foundation pieces as a radius is the limit for comfort points. Make sure when you place your comfort items they are all within 5 foundation pieces.


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