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Among Us – Color stereotypes guide

Please do not take this Among Us guide seriously. If you can relate to these colours though, great! This guide is just for fun and was inspired by the Among Us stereotype artwork. Please do not use this to judge other people. Use it to relate with other people. Thank you!


Black, the leading one

Black players are typically the leader that guides everyone else, or the one that talks a lot. People always suspect black for something he/she said. These players are actually very friendly. The other group of blacks are the ones that are very quiet. These blacks are always caught near the body, or very sus. In these cases, someone else, or no one else leads the chat. Black is one of the most likely to have the name “Impostor”.


White, the smart one

White usually uses logic. He/she is usually the shy but smart one. 50% of the time, white is leading the meetings, and is always the one with the weirdest humor. They are alos usually played by germaphobes… Like me. Moving on, they are one of the most likely to have the name “Impostor”.


Yellow, the quiet one

Yellow players are one of the most quiet. Most yellow players never say anything in chat. Typically, they will have the sprout hat on and name themselves “Lemon”. The rare chance you meet a yellow that talks a lot, they have logic 50% of the time. They are typically friendly and love a good game.


Red, the sus one

Red players are always typically the sus and impostors in memes. They can sometimes be sus, but they are only impostor 25% of the time. Trolls are usually this color, but most of the time, red is a normal player that enjoys playing. These players can either be toxic, or friendly. Sometimes they are a mix of both. These players are usually 5 – 10 years old, or in college. These players are sometimes named “Impostor” or “I”.


Purple, the predictable and deadly one

Purple players, are…

predictable. They are usually always the impostor and usually always named either an anime name, or “U IDIOTS I” but they can name themselves something else. They typically wear a headband hat but can change it. Though purple players are predictable, they almost always win. These players are usually played by pros at the game. These players are also typically very quiet.


Brown, the toxic one

A brown player almost always had his/her color stolen. These players are toxic. They will typically shout start in lobbies and suspect random people. Not always are these people toxic though. When not toxic, these players are one of the most friendly, and pretty logical.


Orange, the comedic one

Orange players 50% of the time will be named carrot, and be wearing the sprout hat. These players can either be wacky, or funny. These are often the comedians that has everyone laughing. In the time away from meetings, they can usually be seen in security.


Cyan, the unfortunate one

These players are typically not the impostor and almost always die first (Typically in electrical). Cyan players can be friendly, and not usually the one to use logic at meetings. They can be seen following people a lot of the time. They are sometimes named “Detective”


Blue, the unique one

Blue players are the most calm players. They typically stay quiet, but talk some of the meetings. When they do talk they either sound insecure or stern. These players usually make up a unique name but sometimes they name themselves “Detective”. These are the most unique players.


Lime, the young one

Lime players will typically name themselves “Lime” and wear the sprout hat. These players are typically the young and curious ones, always looking for friends. When the lime player is not young, they usually stay quiet but do possess good logic. Lime players a lot of times stick with green and become friends with green.


Green, the friendly one

Green is usually very friendly and active on the chat. Half of all green players possess very good logic and they love having a great time with new friends. They get along with everybody and everybody gets along with them. Green players will stay focused on their tasks and picks a person (usually lime) to stick with and talk with.


Pink, the diverse one

Half of all pink players are random. They will often say random things in chat and vote randomly. People will always think that group of pink is “kinda sus” and weird. Random pink players typically never defend themselves when getting suspected, which is why many times, they find themselves living among the stars. The other half is diverse, but ends up in 4 groups. They are either girls, named a name like bae, guys pretending to be girls, or just normal players. All of these pink players are just an average player.


Fortegreen, the confusing one

Alright many of you will be confused on what this color is, so let me explain. Fortegreen players are what color your character looks like when you join a game. Kind of like an indication that you are still loading. Players can change game files to get this color all throughout the match. On GUIs it will look like you are red. Your name will be displayed as “???” and if there is a red in game, then it will look like there are two reds. A lot of players get Fortegreen confused with green. Fortegreen is a slightly off and lighter tone of green. These players like confusing people, but almost never get to do so because most people don’t notice. The color is named after one of the developers, ForteBass and you cannot get kicked or banned on this color. The rest is mysterious.


Tan, the ancient one

The tan player was an old color that used to be in Among Us. It was removed due to colorblind people thinking it was Orange or Red. The only remnants of tan is a custom tan emoji in the Innersloth Discord Server. Unlike fortegreen, players cannot edit the files to change into this color.

Black – Neurological Responses

The color black gives people a sense of sophistication. In our minds, black is associated with power. Probably why black is usually the leader of the chat. Our minds also think black is also tied to be associated with evil and death, most likely why people name themselves “Impostor” on this color. It would also show why the game Among Us itself shows the impostor as black in the help and tutorial slide next to the words that say “The Impostor”.

White – Neurological Responses

Our minds associate white with innocence or purity, which is why we all sometimes listen to white. White represents blandness and space, usually why we find white’s jokes so bland. White is also a color for cleanliness, which explains why a lot of germaphobes play as white. Our minds also associate white with cold and isolated places. This explains why white players are often shy.

If in doubt, blame/vote on pink. 

A Guide for Among Us

By: Wheatley Incorporated

Why? See here.

Why green and lime are superior 

A Guide for Among Us

By: Wheatley Incorporated

This will explain why Green and lime are far superior.

White and Black are the perfect duo 

A Guide for Among Us

By: Wheatley Incorporated

Guide by Wheatley Inc.



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