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New World – How To Get A Free Legendary Tool (Fishing Pole)

In New World, there’s a quest line that you get access to pretty much right from the start and it will take you across the entire world. Yes, this quest will take you across multiple zones and some of the parts of the quest can be quite difficult. Catching a 30-pound or larger fish, for example, can be quite the challenge and might take you a while.

To get the ball rolling, you’ll want to pick up the “Fishing with shields” quest outside of Windsward. (Note: You will not be prompted to pick up this quest.) This will require you to harvest bushes to get a lot of Woodlouse bait. Also, you’ll want to buy/equip the nicest fishing rod you can afford prior to starting the quest. Better yet, make sure the pole has bonuses/modifiers for fish size and rare fish. These modifiers will help you a LOT when it comes to catching the big fish as well as catching rare fish and items (i.e. treasure chests).

The next thing you want to do is bring a lot of bait. In particular, you’ll want to bring both Glowworm bait and Firefly bait. Fireflies can be gotten from harvesting Bulrush plants while Glowbait can be had from harvesting Flint (but only at night).

This quest chain is a huge test of patience and is a real grind. So, have a good show ready to watch and a good audiobook wouldn’t hurt too!



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