Symphony Of War – Mage Class Tutorial

Mage Class Tutorial

The Magician Archetype is unique, particularly because their first turn is a charge up. If you select the Magician’s Initiative technology from the Academy Of War, it gets rid of this requirement. Mage Regiments is another tech worth considering, as it removes the slow movement (all Mages are of the slow movement type).

The Medic

The medic can be come a magician – an offensive mage with a single target magic attack that has a chance to stun or daze. Stun is incredibly effect, as any enemy with the stun effect applied can not act for the remainder of their turn. The daze, while having a higher chance to hit, it reduces the attack power.

The Siren

The Siren is a specialized magician unit that launches dark elemental magic attack.

The Sorceress

This class has a massive Area of Effect (AoE) ability that does a lot of damage. It inflicts stun or daze, but this attack can hit a lot of units. They can stun / daze entire squads, something to keep in mind.

The Fighter and Archer – Upgrade to Apprentice

You probably weren’t expecting this, but the Fighter and the Archer can be upgraded to a Mage Class. The armour will go to zero (the price of big offensive power). The apprentice does not have a stun like the Siren has, but it does a lot of damage, which is nice. The apprentice is probably the “squishiest” unit in the game, so keep them away the front line!

Tier 3 Classes – Powerhouse Magicians

There are three “Tier 3” classes – the Fire Mage, the Ice Mage, and the Lightning Mage (aka Lit. Mage). These guys dish out the damage.

They are squishy as heck, but they do new types of attacks. The Fire Mage does the most damage, but it doesn’t apply and status effects (stun, daze, etc). The Fire Mage also hits in a row, which is pretty awesome – especially when their are three armour units in a row.

The Ice Mage does not have the same damage power, but it applies a slow in an AoE area. Slow reduces the attack power of your enemies by quite a margin. It is particularly useful for survival.

The Lightning Mage applies damage to a column. The Lit mage is great for taking out backliners.

The Dark Mage

The player does not have access this unit, but your enemy does. They do double magic attacks per turn, and they do a lot of damage. They also apply stun or daze, so don’t take these guys lightly!

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