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Farm Carrots

To be a good farmer in Valheim, you need to do a few things. The first step is to get a cultivator. When you have the cultivator selected / in hand, you can right click it and it can do a variety of things. You can place grass, cultivate an area, as well as plant a variety of seeds.

How to Create a Cultivator

valheim how to farm

Step #1 – You’ll want to chop some pine trees down in the Black Forest. The recipe from the Cultivator shows that you will need some Bronze and Core Wood – core wood can be gotten from pine trees. To get the bronze you’ll need to mine the tin and copper from the Black Forest as well. This will enable you to make a forge, which is a requirement to make the Cultivator.

When you are holding your hammer, right click on crafting, you’ll see “Forge”.

Once you have made a cultivator, you are going to want to create a carrot farm. Carrot seeds are a requirement, and you can find them throughout the Black Forest biome. Keep your eyes on the ground (literally) when looking for them.

Plant your seeds and once you have carrots, you can get more seeds without having to find them in the wild.

Cultivate Your Land

Luckily this is not too difficult. Left click on the land and cultivate it – simple. Now you can right click and select the carrot slot. Place them as you see fit by simply left clicking. Careful – do not place them too close together or they will not be idea.

Carrot Placement Trick

Grab a 1×1 wooden floor piece, and put it down on the ground. Next, take a carrot and place them at each corner. Cool trick, and it makes sure your carrots are healthy. Also, you will need to pick up the wood (smash with a hammer) so that the carrots have enough room to grow. A brown carrot indicates unhealthy and a green one indicates healthy.

Once your carrots are mature, feel free to collect them for dinner. You can also right click on your cultivator and place the seeds down – remember to space them correctly. Press “e” to cultivate them and eat them for supper!


For your farm you will need a fence. Keeping out the deer, the boars, the goblins, etc is a necessity and a fence will do the trick. No fence = no carrots.


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