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Stats Explained – Shin Megami Tensei V (SMT 5)

Much like most RPG games, stats are how your character gains in strength throughout your playthrough. As you level up you will be prompted to improve your characters stats. Whilst you cannot control which stats your demon allies will gain when they level up, as this is determined by the race and individual growths, you can to some degree control what stats your main character in the Nahobino will gain.

Each level you Nahobino will gain some stats automatically providing you a general boost in power, but you will also be able to allocate one point manually to what stat you prefer.

SMT 5 is available for the Switch now!

You will be able to allocate a stat into the five following categories:

  • Strength
  • Vitality
  • Magic
  • Agility
  • Luck

Strength – Allocating points into strength will increase the damage a character deals by physical attacks and their basic attack also.

Vitality – Investing in Vitality will reduce the amount of damage a character receives from all attacks whether they be physical or magical.

Magic – Allocating points into your magic stat will improve the damage that your character deals with magic based attacks, and the amount of healing output they do when performing healing skills

Agility – Agility affects a few different outcomes in SMT 5. It will determine the accuracy of the attacks you perform, and the evasion of attacks that are incoming. Whilst also affecting the success rate of attempts at fleeing battles.

Luck – Much like agility, luck affects several outcomes in SMT5. It will affect the chance of performing insta-kills with light and dark attacks. It will affect the chance of rare drops after defeating foes. It also has an effect on stealing and critical hit chances.

Simply put, it moves the RNG stick a little into your favor with each stat allocation.

Can you respec your stats in SMT5?

Simply put, no. You cannot.

Once you have a locked a stat in, that’s it, you’re stuck with it. Unless you make a mistake, and are happy to load a prior save that doesn’t include your level up, you will not be able to change your stats at any point through the game.

If you’re thinking about making the swap between physical and magical, best to save the idea for a subsequent playthrough rather than trying to swap over mid-game and having a watered down main character.

How do I increase my HP and MP?

You’ll likely notice that these two aren’t options when you’re given the choice to invest in your main character, nor do they become an option deeper into the game.

Raising your HP and MP will happen naturally as you level the Nahobino, as you will gain a little of each with each level up. This doesn’t mean that you cannot invest in those stats through other methods. Their are passives that you can imbue the Nahobino with, using essences gained from your demon allies, that will take up a skill slot and passively provide more HP or MP.

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