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Exit Limbo: Opening is a game created by the developers at Virtual Craft Studio. It is the first episode of a neo retro side-scrolling beat-em up that kinda reminds me of Battle toads mixed with Slaughter house. 

The story has you play as Mr. Rhino (yes Mr. Rhino not much thought there) but he is a sole survivor of a train crash, and wakes up in this dystopian parallel universe where his home town has been infected with type of zombie plague. You soon are brought to a Underground city of rats from the leader’s daughter.

Not long after she is kidnapped and you are asked to help save her and so your journey begins. The story is a little cheeky if you ask me. It is basically a “save the princes plot”, but I am loving the visuals of the game with its 2d character, 3d world and the sound track is one hell of a head banger I can’t deny that.

On your way to save her you will fight 3 bosses in this chapter a Ram, a Hog, and whatever the hell this is. In the end you are left on a cliff hanger for the next game will continue the story. 

Exit Limbo: Opening Review

So of course, I said this game reminded me of battle toads and slaughter house when I first saw it and I was pretty close. You will encounter enemies as you make your way through the city and will run in to arena fights as well.

For combat, you have your standard X combos, and Y grapples. Oh! I am going to recommend a controller for this, because of the combo system. To pull of the ultimate moves (I guess you can call them that) you need to hold the block, and perform variants like back, forward and x, and others variations like this. The combat is a little clunky and your punches don’t really feel like you have a lot of weight behind them.

Even the zombie sheep take quite the beating before they go down. The combos are alright but I feel like I use that more because trying to combo on punches or kicks is only done through X. I feel like it could have been implemented better by putting the Punch for x and B for kick.

Something to add more verity instead of just moving the joystick and Hitting one button. But some of the kill animations and the bosses are unique but fall a little flat on the move set but what boss doesn’t. 

Visually the dystopian visuals are great a mix between futuristic and destruction has me the cut scenes are short but play like a rolling comic book, the 2D characters in a 3d space is a little weird at first but you quickly get used to it. It’s strange they went for this style, but I guess it makes it stand out because it got my attention.

The music is a perfect match for this game a mix of metal and somewhat EDM but not EDM that fits the futuristic destruction atmosphere. Some of the boss fights and the towns music had my head banging as I was ripping zombie sheep’s heads off. 

It’s a relatively short game and in the combat side, it lacks a little, but this is the first episode and I’m not usually one for episodic games but I think this is a smart choice for this one, they will learn from the feedback and fix the mechanics, the story is what I’m invested in already the last cut scene of the game had me sold.

I want to know where they are taking it because it might not be just a save the girl story. 

So, If you like 2d, 3d battle toad games this might be a good one to pick up its only 7 dollars and you might just get invested in the story like I did. 

Get Exit Limbo: Opening on Steam
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