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How to Farm Mitamas – Shin Megami Tensei V (SMT 5)

Nigi Mitama – great for farming Glory fast!

Mitamas are easily the best way to farm a high number of resources within Shin Megami Tensai V, but that doesn’t mean fighting them won’t require any finesse. If you’re unfamiliar with the game, you might find yourself running into these cute little moon-monsters, unable to fight, defeat, and recruit them, and you just might wonder at their purpose.

Well, they’re for farming. Seriously. They even have their own dedicated DLC that enables the player to influence their appearance rate in the settings menu.

Farming Mitamas

So, what can you farm from them? Well, that depends entirely on which Mitama that you defeat:

Kushi Mitama – A golden Mitama that drops an item that will bring your protagonist character in Nahobino to the point of leveling up.

Ara Mitama – A crimson Mitama that drops an item that will bring a demon ally to the point of leveling up.

Nigi Mitama – A light-blue Mitama that drops an item that will award the player 10 Glory, for buying miracles.

Saki Mitama – A golden Mitama that will drop a myriad of items that can be sold to Gustave for Macca currency.

Recruiting Mitamas

You will notice on your first attempt to either defeat or recruit a Mitama, that the former is almost impossible due to their blocking, and that the latter results in no recruitment.

That’s because Mitama cannot be recruited – they are just for farming.

Defeating Mitamas

Mitamas can only be defeated by attacking them with the affinity that they’re weak to and is random for every Mitama. Doesn’t matter if you’re facing two of the same kind one after the other, they’ll have randomized weaknesses every time.

Since they only have one weakness, and will likely attempt to run away before you get to try too many elements, how then do we defeat them?

By utilizing high agility Demons who can use items or making sure that your main character has high agility so that you have turn priority.

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Also, the Spyglass item bought from Gustave will enable you to determine which affinity the Mitama is weak to so that you can one-shot it. So, if you’re planning on farming them, stock up on Spyglasses!

The “Knowledge of Tools” Miracle makes this process MUCH easier, as it allows you to have your Demon allies use the spyglass tool, without needing to waste a turn to do so.

Position your agility demon who can use items first in your party, use the spyglass to determine their weakness, and follow up with either your main character or a demon with a variety of spells. Their potency doesn’t matter, as the Mitama will always die when hit.

And that is how you farm Mitamas in the early game before you and your demons have access to pierce skills. Once you have a pierce skill though, the Mitama resistances are irrelevant as you can bypass them. But, until then, stick with speed and the spyglass!

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