Genshin Impact – Theatre Mechanicus Trick

Beat Turret Mode using Shatter

Looking for some Genshin Impact cheese? Well, Mtashed seems to have found a trick for turret mode. You can beat the new turret mode, without using any turrets.

If you have ice and water characters, along with a claymore user – you are in luck. You can destroy the enemies using shatter. You can literally (nearly) one shot any of the enemies, doing around 2,000+ damage.

He notes that it is easier if you do use turrets and “claymore around”, especially if you use Chongyun. He has cryo damage and with him it is basically easy mode. Place a bunch of water turrets and claymore with him and that’s it. You literally don’t even need a turret.

If you opt to throw a few other elements in there feel free, but claymores and turrets should do the trick.

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