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Status Ailments and Afflictions – Shin Megami Tensei V (SMT 5)

Status Ailments are afflictions that the player and their demons can inflict on others, that can dramatically shift the tide of a battle. Landing a key status ailment on a powerful foe can take an almost-impossible boss fight, into a laughably easy day in the park.

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Inflict foes with status ailments and afflictions, and follow up with devastating attacks!

The status ailments within Shin Megami Tensei V (SMT 5) are as follows:

Poison – Deals damage after the afflicted characters takes their action.

Mirage – Character may attack a random target, with reduced accuracy.

Charm – Character will attempt to damage their allies and heal their foes.

Confusion – Character’s action will be entirely random, including passing.

Sleep – Prevents actions until attacked or turns pass.

Seal – Prevents the use of skills.

How to cure status ailments

Curing the status ailments isn’t too complex, as the afflictions can be cured by one item that covers them all, rather than individual items or spells for each ailment. Something like the ‘Amrita Soda‘ will cure all the ailments, or an ability like ‘Patra‘.

Make sure you make good use of the ‘Knowledge of Tools‘ miracle, so that your demon allies can help out using curative items as well, don’t let them sit around with debilitating defects!

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