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A New World Faction Picking Guide | Which ONE to Choose?

0:00 – The thing that’s been covered to death
0:28 – Where New World is right now
0:40 – The Faction Basics
1:36 – The Covenant
2:28 – The Syndicate
3:43 – The Marauders
5:40 – Other Notable Non-Playable Factions
6:04 – The Discordant Trinity
6:34 – What you get for Joining a Specific Faction
7:18 – Why it’s worth joining a Faction
8:11 – Are you locked in to a Single Faction?
8:53 – Faction Quiz
9:12 – Thank You
9:25 – Lost my house, lmao, bye

The Faction Basics – 0:40

There are three factions to choose from in New World, but which is the best for you? This is a surprisingly complicated subject. If you leave your PvP on, rival groups will try to murder you, and you’ll have to murder them back.

The Covenant – 1:36

The Covenant might be described as an old-school, Old Testament, break-down-your-door-here-comes-the-Spanish-inquisition sort of covenant. If you asked them what they were doing, they’d tell you that they were there to return the land to its original condition of purity and are ridding the island of all corruption or something along those lines.

The Syndicate – 2:28

The creepy plague lads, that is. They haven’t come to cure you of the Black Death or anything. They’re more of the “isolate you and study your body ’til it deteriorates into nothing but not before learning how to weaponize it” type of folks, and if you question what they’re up to, they’ll tell you they’re looking for information.

Their entire aim is shrouded in secrecy. In their opinion, the best approach to start a fresh page of enlightenment is to seek for, find, and comprehend, as much knowledge as possible. They believe that information is power, that the world is currently powerless, and they’re here to change that.

The Marauders – 3:43

Despite being the largest group, they are the least well-coordinated unless commanded by a higher authority. They’ve come to create a new country of free people who are no longer burdened by the constraints of their former lives. This is the country that should belong to those who are strong, brave, honorable, and capable of controlling any circumstance.

Other Notable Non-Playable Factions – 5:40

The three groups listed above are not the only ones in the game. Just the ones that may be played. The Ancients, the Corrupted, and the Drowned are also present.

The Discordant Trinity – 6:04

These groups form the Discordant Trinity, which essentially means they can’t agree on anything, resulting in a loose partnership to combat forces that would otherwise not be present and seize control of Eternum for themselves. Your groups begin on the coasts and work their way inwards to the bigger dangers that have already entrenched themselves.

What you get for Joining a Specific Faction – 6:34

You may be wondering what you would gain by joining another group; there is little difference between the three factions. For now, it appears like the only distinction between them is that you get a unique dye pack that you may use on your armor. There may be special missions and perhaps a few rare things for your house that correspond to your faction.

Why it’s worth joining a Faction -7:18

You’ll have the chance to compete against several factions in a 50v50 war for control of a certain territory, with the winning team deciding what the local settlement should focus on in order to further grow and enhance the tax rates.

The hue of their portion of the map, as well as various faction-wide buffs and pricing advantages, are painted. A couple of things you should know is that you can only join a faction after you reach level 10 and that you are unable to wage war on a corporation that belongs to the same faction as you.

Are you locked in to a Single Faction? – 8:11

The most essential thing for people to realize is that you are not bound into a single side for the duration of the game. You no longer need to re-roll a new character, although there are certain restrictions.

To begin with, you are not permitted to switch to the side that controls the most land. Second, you may only change your faction once every 120 days for roughly a hundred times, or about three times a year, and third, moving to a new faction will result in you losing your faction rank as well as all of your tokens.

At the very least, you no longer have to be concerned about unintentionally pressing the Marauder button when you meant to press the Covenant button. It’s a typical blunder because players haven’t covered everything there is to know about factions.


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