Scary Friday Night Funkin’ Mods – V.S. Melty and V.S. Troll Face

In this video, Bijuu Mike plays two of the scariest Friday Night Funkin’ Mods – VS Trollface / Trollge and VS Melty.

VS Trollface

This mod will give you nightmares, mark my words. Trollface has been making a serious comeback lately and now it is time to fight him in an epic rap battle. Trollge memes have been around forever, and they are awesome. The first thing you will notice is that Trollface has some pretty slick “leg moves”. He shakes them like a Young Elvis Presley.


  • Trolling
  • Mistaken
  • The-Incident

VS Melty

This mod answers a question you have probably never asked, but you wish you had: What if the Lemon Demon was made out of ice cream? Exactly. Long story short, you and your girlfriend are chillin’ one night and decide to get some ice cream. Unfortunately, you bump into an ice-cream demon named “Melty” and he’s scary, real scary. He’s got a very BIG knife and he wants to cut you into a 1000 pieces. Also, he has this ability to shift through dimensions at will, a skill that no doubt has its uses!


Download the V.S. Melty Mod here:

Download the V.S. Trollface / Trollge mod here:

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