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New World – Make Gold Fast Guide

New World – Get Gold Fast

In most MMOs, gold is used to repair gear, buy various items, and maybe pick up a fancy rare mount or something. In New World, gold is way more important. Why? Because with Gold you can do all those things, but you can also buy territories and then set taxes and fees to make even more gold to fund your company and upgrades. So, being able to gather a huge bankroll is important and for some, it’s critical.

In this guide, we go over some great ways to make gold early on, and some decent ways to make gold in late game because these will have two completely different drivers.

In early game, players are going to have small amounts of gold that they scrape together through quests, killing mobs, and selling some items on the trading post. There won’t be too much to go around which is why you need to understand what items are going to be in high demand, so you can get a head start on sourcing and selling them. Some of the questions you can ask are:

• What will players be using heavily in the first few days of the game? 
• What are players focusing on in the first few days of the game? 
• What limitations will players have that can be alleviated early on? 

These are some key questions to understand what items will sell well, and what won’t. I’m sorry about dragging this out a little longer before getting to the raw info, but I’m trying to teach you guys to fish so you can run the market and be self-sufficient.

Okay, so starting with the first question: What will players be using heavily in the first few days of the game?

• Tools
• Ranged Weapons – musket and bow.

So that gives us a great opportunity to capitalize on. People will want to upgrade their tools and getting to iron and higher tools will be crucial. The first person there will have a full market to flood and set their own price. So focus on crafting iron tools to sell, and then getting your engineering high enough to make steel.

Second thing we listed was ranged weapons. We are looking at these because the bow and musket consume ammunition. They don’t magically fire for free and people will be looking to purchase arrows and cartridges. Again, being able to source, craft, and sell these quickly will give you a market edge and demand should be high enough since there are a lot of new players who won’t know how to craft more of them.

Let’s move on to the second question: What are players focusing on in the first few days of the game?

• Leveling
• Crafting

This one is super straightforward, so don’t overthink it. Players will be trying to level as fast as they can to reach endgame. And because almost every power leveling guide out there says to abuse the Town Project board and hammer things like Armaments, resource turn-ins, and crafting samples – these are perfect targets for selling raw materials.

Armaments need iron to complete. Be the player who sells thousands of iron ore right at the start. Resource projects are things like Fiber, Linen, Ingots, Rawhide, Coarse Leather. Players will be looking to trade their gold for convenience at the Trading Post. So, grab some farming routes, which I will have ready to go at launch, and then fill your inventory with a few of these and head back to sell them. It’s insane how much people are willing to pay for materials just so they don’t have to leave the settlement. Take advantage of that.

This same principle applies to crafting. People are more than happy to buy 100 iron ore from the trading post than farm it themselves.

The last question is what limitations will players have that can be alleviated through you? This one is a bit more complex because players aren’t generally going to run into the same frustrations, but there are a few points of overlap.

• Inventory space
• Stats

This one is way more specialized but it’s something that is going to affect all players. At the start, you have virtually no inventory space. Every player begins with 200 inventory weight and then, over time, you pick up a pretty low-grade satchel as a quest reward that increases it to 250; but this is still super low. Players will be constantly running low on inventory space, which is frustrating. This makes for a great opportunity to sell them a solution.

Right from the start, you can begin crafting new bags at the Outfitting station that increase your carry limit by 120. This is HUGE and is almost three times the amount of the quest reward bag – so getting players to buy these won’t be a hard sell. To craft one of these bags, you need to have 45 coarse leather, 25 linen, and 10 iron ingot. These are extremely easy to source if you are in Windsward or Everfall. First Light and Monarch’s bluffs might need to travel a little bit, but it shouldn’t be too far.

Craft a bunch of these bags and sell them on the trading post for a quick turnaround.

The other bullet we listed was related to stats. And what we are talking about here is Jewelry. These items are things like rings, amulets, earrings. The main draw here is that players will want to accomplish two things.

1. Some people hate to have empty gear slots, which is why they want to hit up the trading post to fill in those slots ASAP.
2. Some people will struggle with the difficulty of the game and will want to get some extra protection early on, with something like an Arboreal ring that reduces nature damage taken.

This one is much less effective early on to really put a ton of time investment in since you need to source the gems and be able to mine silver pretty quickly to make enough to flip them. But if you can craft jewelry in addition to one of these other methods, that’s a good way to supplement your income.

Now that we’ve talked early game, let’s talk late game and apply these same principles. I’m not going to go into heavy detail for all of these because they follow the same guidelines.

We can ask those same three questions to identify some new items to source and sell for endgame players.

• What will players be using heavily in late game? 
• What are players focusing on in endgame? 
• What limitations will players have that you can alleviate?

Here are a few suggestions:

1. Players will be using these heavily:
    a. Tools again, craft higher rarity ones. 
    b. Potions
    c. Gems for gear

2. What Players will be focusing on in endgame:

    a. Expeditions - which means tuning orbs. What resources go into a tuning orb? Sell those. 
    b. House items - what resources go into these? Sell those. 
    c. Wars - Keep an eye on the meta and understand what players are using to gain an advantage here and how you can capitalize on it. 

3. What limitations will players have? 

    a. Inventory space - literally forever. Just continue making as top tier bags as you can. 
    b. Tuning orbs go here as well, players will want to chain dungeons and they won't be able to without these keys. Be the solution for them. 

So all of these things can be optimized to be as efficient as possible. Maybe work out some supply lines with other players where you trade resources to avoid having to travel as far for them. There are always opportunities.

I hope this has helped give some insight into how to make a huge amount of gold in New World. And now that I’ve given away most of my secrets, I hope to see all of you out there working that trading post.


  • Linen
  • High rarity tools
  • Iron Ingot
  • Coarse leather
  • Bullets
  • Arrows
  • Tuning Orbs
  • Potions


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