Junker Queen – Overwatch 2 Beginner’s Guide

Get ready Overwatch 2 players, the Blue haired Mommy “Junker Queen” is now playable and we’ve got a guide for you! In this beginner’s guide we’ll look at everything she has to offer – her abilities, her damage, her ultimate, and a few details that you may have missed. JQ is a bruiser tank that traffics in damaging multiple units at once.

Scatter Shotgun

The first form of damage she can inflict is from her scatter shotgun. It is similar to Roadhog’s insofar as it has a tighter spread but does a little less damage. It has 6 shots at any single time and it reloads all at once. It is very similar to Roadhogs.

Jagged Blade

Her more interesting attack is definitely her secondary fire, Jagged Blade. This throwing knife, which she affectionately calls “Gracie”, can be thrown A LONG WAY. Seriously, you can throw this far, and better yet it returns like a boomerang. It gets better – if you throw the knife and stick it in your enemy, it can pull the enemy near you just like a Roadhog hook. Stick and pull combo provides 100 damage and, if you pair that up with a scattershot shotgun to the face, you’ll be crushing squishies real quick.

Also, if you miss with your initial shot, it will still hit enemies on its way back if it is in the line of sight. The quick melee punch, by the way, is with the SAME BLADE – you can knife ’em, and it leaves the wound effect!

Junker Queen Abilities

Axe Swing

Her axe swing has to be one of the coolest abilities in the game, hands down. It is similar to Reinhardt’s hammer swing but it does DOUBLE the damage. It does serious damage, however it does have an 8 second cool down. This is a pretty low cool down given how much dmg it does. Squishies BEWARE. Better yet, you hear a sweet guitar sound when you swing it 🙂

junker queen beginner guide

Command And Shout

Another great ability, this one being more support oriented – is her Command And Shout. This lets out a ferocious roar that gives nearby allies (approximately 20 meters) an overhealth boost. 100 total health is given to herself AND her allies. Also, you get a temporary speed boost that really allows you to initiate and create team pushes.

Junker Queen Ultimate


Another incredibly well named ability, the Junker Queen’s ultimate “Rampage” magnetizes her weaponry in a whirlwind effect and it sends you flying forward similar to Reinhardt’s charge. And if you are in the line of fire, you get three effects applied to you. First off, you take 100 damage. The second effect is an anti-heal, and you also take a wound effect. Keep in mind that once you’ve used the effect you will most likely be behind enemy lines, a less than ideal position.

That said, her passive ability applies a wound effect to the enemy and what a wound effect is, anytime an enemy is hit by the Junker Queen’s melee damage, they will bleed out very slowly, but it will ALSO HEAL the JQ passively! Oh, and ALL of her melee abilities apply the wound effect, so she is very useful in pretty much any team composition!

The only that does not apply a wound effect when doing damage is her scatter gun. Throw the knife, swing the axe, and get in on this! The only real drawback to her is she has a low health pool, particularly when compared to the other tanks (currently at 425 in the beta). Her playstyle is also VERY aggressive, and combine that with low health, she will be quite vulnerable, at least in theory.

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