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Best Bow in Valheim

Looking to build the best bow in Valheim? Look no further. Crafting a Draugr Fang Bow, or “Draugr bow”, is not overly straightforward. In fact, a lot of new players won’t know the bow exists until (if) they collect all the ingredients.

Draugr Fang Bow

This bow currently does the most piercing damage in the game as well as providing poison damage as well. The poison damage is built in, so mobs begin accumulating damage from the first shot. Better yet, you can pair the bow with a variety of different arrows (frost arrows, fire arrows) to really pack the dps. Freeze your enemies while poisoning them – how good is that?

The bow also has a great sniping abilities, as the fall off over long distances is limited. Essentially you can shoot enemies at long distances without having to aim (too) much over their heads. Your arrows fly straight and true!

The Draugr Fang can also be upgraded to level 4. This increases your poison damage by 400% (4x!) and it increases your piercing damage by ten.

Draugr Bow Ingredients

To create a Draugr Bow, you will need the following ingredients.

10 x Ancient Bark
20 x Silver Bars
2 x Deer Hide
10 x Guck

Guck and Ancient Bark can be found in the Swamp. You’ll want to find a brown, muddy area. You can get ancient bark from the ancient trees. For the Guck, you will see trees in the swamp that have glowing green sacks on the side. These are the ones you are looking for. These are actually “guck sacks”. To snag them, you will need to put a ladder up against the tree. To do that, you will need to throw down a workbench near the tree to build the ladders.

Note: Once the ladder becomes red (i.e. you can’t build any higher) you will want to place a beam to the tree. You can also place wooden planks to jump onto as needed.

Once you’ve collected the guck, you’ll want to get two deer hides. This is pretty easy to obtain. The final ingredient is Silver, which you can find in the mountain region. This area is very cold, so prepare accordingly. You will need the Wishbone which you can get from the third boss. Equip the Wishbone and you will be able to find hidden objects.

The wishbone will begin to pulsate as you get closer to silver. The closer you get, the more it will pulsate. Pull out your pick axe and eventually you will be able to mine silver. Throw some silver ore in with some coal into the smelter and presto – you have a silver ingot. Now you can craft the Draugr Fang Bow! Note: you require a level 2 forge.

Level 1 Draugr Fang bow

Upgrade the bow to level 4 to really put out the DPS. We can further increase the damage with some sweet arrows.

Obsidian Arrows

Obsidian arrows do 52 pierce damage – they hurt. This damage is on top of the bow damage.

Needle Arrows

Similar to the Obsidian arrows, the Needle arrows to piercing damage – 62 to be exact. To craft these you will need a needle and feathers. You will also need to go to the plains kill some deathsquitos. They sound nasty, and they are.

There are a few other arrows that might be of interest to you – fire arrows for example. They do 11 pierce damage as well 22 fire damage. These arrows are great in the early game but they fall off over time. Frost arrows does 26 pierce damage – and 52 frost damage. Poison arrows do 26 pierce and 52 poison damage.

Consider combining the Draugr Fang Bow (which does poison damage) with frost arrows to really throw down. You will be doing piercing damage, poison damage, and frost damage all at once!


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