Godstrike – What’s Right Thus Far

Godstrike is a brand spanking new twin-stick bullet hell shooter, brought to the world by its developer OverPowered Team and published by Freedom Games.

Players will take control of Talaal, the last of God’s seven masks, to fight their way through baddies and bosses whilst ducking and weaving through the storm of abilities and threats. Players are given the ability to upgrade the protagonist and make each attempt and playthrough feel unique.

While the team at MGN are busily readying our first impressions of the game and giving you a breakdown of what to expect, this is what we think the Overpowered Team has done right thus far.

1. Instantly Eye-Grabbing Visuals

Godstrike looks good. That much is already clear. Even from early press of the game, we were anticipating something with a very vibrant and impressive art style. But now that the game is released and the full features can be assessed without bias, it’s clear that these early press release visuals were no bluff.

The game actually lives up to the expectation of providing a bullet hell game that runs smoothly and is pleasing to the eye.

2. Studio Interaction

If you’ve been following the team on any of their social media, you’ll see just how passionate they are about what they’ve made. They’re interacting with people excited about the game, they’re giving away keys, helping charities. Through these interactions, you can really tell that Godstrike is a labor of love.

Case in point: players noticed an issue with one of the bosses, Mobus. They raised the issue and it has already been patched. Day one hiccup solved instantly. Not many studios can boast the ability or attitude necessary to do the same.

3. Price

Godstrike is currently on sale to celebrate its launch, and is sitting at 20% off on both of its platforms – the Steam store, and the Nintendo Switch. But even without this discount, the price they’re asking for seems generous for how much enjoyment and content there is to be found within the game.

You’ve got a gorgeous game, that the studio is obviously dedicated to, and it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. That’s a pass mark in our book.


That’s going to just about it for our perception on how Godstrike is faring thus far with its release. Be sure to keep an eye out for our upcoming video reviews, guides, how-to videos, and general Godstrike coverage.


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