Friday Night Funkin’ – VS Lav – Frostbite Frenzy

What’s up Funkers! In the V.S. Lav, things get frosty quick as you and girlfriend travel up to Ontario, Canada to do a little sightseeing. While out and about, you bump into a girl named “Lav” who can’t find her best friend. Being a good guy, you offer to help Lav find her, but only if she rap battles you first!


Lav – “Hey You”!

Boyfriend – “Beep”?

Lav – “Yeah, you”! “I can’t be your friend unless I know your name first”.

Boyfriend – “Skiboop di bep”.

Lav – “Keith”? “That’s a nice name”! “Keith fits you”!

Boyfriend – “Boppity Boop”.

Lav – “Where did I come from”. “I was looking for my friend in the woods, but it looks like I wandered out”. “I’m not that good at directions”.


  • Nature
  • Tempting
  • Deam Natura


Download V.S. Lav – Frostbite mod here:

Download Friday Night Funkin’ here:

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