Friday Night Funkin’ HD Mod Week 4 – What Happens If You Miss The Caution Sign?

Have you wondered what the heck happens if you miss the caution sign or warning note in Friday Night Funkin’ week 4 (HD Mod)? Well, CommunityGame has some answers!

  • Miss the lazer arrow when health bar is below 50% M.I.L.F. song – it is very similar to Pico’s gunshot.
  • Miss the caution sign in FnF when health bar is above 50% HD Blammed song

What happens when you don’t dodge the streetlight in week 4? Yeah, you may want to press the space bar or BF gets a pole to the side of his melon.


Download Friday Night Funkin’ here:

Download VS FNF HD MOD FULL WEEK here:

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