Five Dates – Game review


Five Dates is far better than I had expected. Shockingly better. The first thing I want to say is the acting is absolutely incredible. I was expecting wooden characters with cliche interactions and back stories and well, that was not the case. Not even close. Everything the actors said – I completely bought. These are serious actors and they deserve major kudos. I realize this is not an acting review, but they sold the game hook, line, and sinker.


In terms of the game itself, it is really more of an interactive dating type simulator as opposed to a game, per se. While it is not linear in nature (you can choose who you want to date, in what order), you are also somewhat limited in what you can say to them. That is to be expected though, as you can only have so many options in a game like this.

Interrogations, I mean questions…

For what it is, this game is incredible. And it is wholesome too. The dates feel like genuine first dates and everything that goes with them (the awkward nerves, the decision to drink or not, the break the ice games, etc) are done perfectly.

The questions you ask, the way you and your date respond to the questions and dialogue is brilliantly done and feels like you are watching a real “choose your own adventure” style movie. That you happen to be calling the shots on. I remember looking down at my phone and noticing that 50 minutes had gone by and thinking damn, that went fast. Time flies when you are enjoying yourself.

The only con with this game, and I’m stretching here, is that I felt that the first few dates ended a little more awkwardly than I would have expected. I felt that maybe, and just maybe ,the game wanted to push me to have ambivalent or uncertain feelings about the dates so that I’d be more open minded to the other girls. I mean, wouldn’t it be weird if you found the perfect girl on your first (virtual) date? 20 mins in, game over!

I mean seriously, Maya, if you are still single, and you don’t mind lowering your standards a little, I’m available! Ah…


Not only is this game fun on your first run through, it is also very enjoyable on your second and third run through. Each time you play, for example, you can only choose three of the five ladies to date, so you have to play it through twice just to get a real feel for each of the (excellent) characters.

Also, the questions you ask, the things you say, the truth or dares you select, and how you respond to your date genuinely matter. You can run through a date as a serious, relationship seeking vegan or as a “devil may care”, fun seeking epicure and get totally different outcomes and responses. I saw a dude Twerk, a woman take off her shoes and socks, and much more (sorry, won’t spoil it for you).


Callum is a proper best buddy

You’re buddy in this game is Callum, and let me tell you he’s an awesome dude. I generally don’t single a person out, but I’d like to be his friend in real life, that’s how much I liked (and bought) his acting and personality. He’s a proper buddy. And he pees the bed, apparently.


If you are on the fence about Five Dates, don’t be. I think you should give it a crack. If nothing else, you will see some incredible acting and get to talk (kinda…) to some really attractive ladies.

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