GET JACKIE’S GUN in Cyberpunk 2077 – Iconic Pistol Weapon Location!

Technically you can get three versions of Jackie’s iconic pistol, which is rather strange. Jackie uses two of the pistols, with their golden gun kinda vintage look. To get the pistol, you will need to have finished the heist prologue mission.

Spoilers are coming up, so please click away if you haven’t done it yet. Remember to Save often!

So after you pull into the hotel to meet to Delamain, he will give you a choice where to send Jackie’s body. It is very important that you choose to send his body to his family.

That option then activates a secret side quest.

Assuming you sent Jackie’s body to his family – you will then get a call from Mama Welles. Make sure to call her back. She will then invite you along to Jackie’s funeral, which takes place in Heywood.

In the Southeast of Heywood, you will find the El Coyote Cojo bar. This is where you need to go.

Once you do arrive, you’ll find Mama Welles making funeral preparations. Note, she will also offer you Jackie’s bike keys – make sure you say yes.

Cyberpunk 2077 How to get Jackie Welles Iconic Pistol Even if you miss it.
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In this Cyberpunk 2077 guide we show you how to get Jackie Welles Iconic Pistol weapon LA Chingona Dorada. It is possible to get 3 copies of the pistol even though you cannot dual wield pistols in Cyberpunk 2077. Since you cannot save Jackie it is nice that you can get his gun.

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