In Silence – Game review

In Silence is a 2 – 6 multiplayer horror co-op. One player can take the role of the monster, or you can have the AI play the monster. The rest of the players are trying to escape by finding parts to your car to “get outta Dodge!”

Alternatively, you can hunt down the monster by opening up a secret armory to take him out yourself.

In Silence - The Rake
In Silence – “The Rake”

When the game starts, you get two perks. You do not get to choose your perks, but they will definitely help you out during the game. You also get a flashlight or flashbang. If the monster grabs you and you have enough flashlight battery left, you can use a flashbang to hit the monster and get the hell outta there for a second wind.

in silence - car parts
Gather car parts to escape!

There are also objects in the game like radios, T.V.’s, Bear Traps, etc. that prevent the monster from getting too close to you. You also get to work with Jack-In-The-Boxes, Dummies – all very useful items in your quest to escape or kill the monster. Getting creative with the objects in the game is a hell of a lot of fun, trust me.

Key Items

There are two possible ways to survive – one is to get into the secret armory (which we have yet to see) and the other is to find the car parts – tires, car batteries, keys – they are all over this map.

The Monster aka “The Rake”

The “Rake” is partially blind. There is an ability where you can see others for a short period of time. There is also run and hide, which is “rage mode”, and jump. The main key feature for the monster is his / her vision really depends on sound. The less sound, the less The Rake can see. When you play as the Rake, do note that you get a small compass and it tells you pretty much where the noise is coming from.

The Rake, along with being rather menacing in appearance, is fast. Hella fast. If you think you can try and run away, think again… Focus on being silent as opposed to out running it!


The sound in this game is great, especially as it is such a key part of avoiding the monster. Your voice, when you are walking as a survivor, has a sound meter and when your too loud The Rake can hear you. Throwing stones, for example, might dupe the monster.


There are a few things I didn’t like. For example, when you play as the monster, the survivors don’t have a lot of time. If you go into “game options” and you try to set it to longest, the longest is only 30 minutes. Now, you might be thinking that this sounds like enough time, however it feels very quick.

We would like to see it bumped up to 90 minutes. They could have implemented something where The Rake goes into a frenzy mode and his vision goes clear and can see the enemies on the map to quickly take them out and win the game.

Finding the last player is also really annoying, as there are mice everywhere, squeaking in different directions which made it ultra hard to get the last survivor. Add in your vision being blind, it makes the game incredibly difficult.


In Silence is a lot of fun and definitely worth a look, especially if you like co-op horror games.

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