Tools Of The Hunt – Monster Hunter Rise Weapon Guide Part 2

Advance and Range Weapons

Alrighty, who’s ready for part 2 of the weapons guide? We are getting into the good stuff in the last part of this guide. The best part is we will be going over “Gunners”. What is a gunner? In the world of Monster Hunter Rise, “Gunners” are weapon users that prefer long-ranged weaponry. Don’t worry this guide won’t just cover ranged weapons but also the switch weapons.

monster hunter range weapons

Range Weapons

Oh, the glory of fighting your foes from afar as you dwindle their health down. If you’re more of a hunter that doesn’t like to get too close to their prey then perhaps playing with a ranged weapon set will be your style. There’s a certain beauty about being a gunner in Monster Hunter Rise. Because not only can you attack from afar but you also provide great support in team battles when comes to dealing with monsters

  • The Bow

We are starting with my favorite and in my opinion, one of the best ranged weapons in the game. Because there is no reload when it comes to the other range weapons. Depending on the bow and how you use it. The bow can be a rapid-fire bow or a great piercing weapon that will go through your prey. Another perk to this weapon is the ability to add certain coatings depending upon the bow type. So it adds more strategy and better mobility than the other range weapons.

  • Pros:
    • Versatility in status ailments on a monster in one go
    • Good mobility
    • Overall great in teams
  • Cons
    • It will eat up stamina
    • Hard to mount monsters with timed attacks
    • Lots of sliding and darting around monster attacks
  • Light Bowgun 

Quick, fast, and precise when it comes to the light bowgun. If you’re looking for a rapid-fire weapon from afar then the light bowgun is the right choice for you. It doesn’t have the power of the Heavy Bowgun. But what it lacks in power it makes up for a faster reload than the heavy bowgun. A key part of the bowgun weapon sets is you can aim pretty far compared to the bow. Your maneuverability is better too however with the bow gun comes the reloading part. You will have to find the right timing in squeezing in your reloads if you’re playing solo. 

  • Pros:
    • So easy any level player can use it
    • It’s a great weapon to support teammates from far away
    • Can do a lot of damage in a short amount of time
  • Cons
    • Low damage output
    • No standard defense for this weapon.
    • Have to manage ammo in making sure you don’t go out with an empty weapon or wrong ammo
  • Heavy Bowgun

It’s “Hasta la Vista baby” time with this weapon. For those more seasoned gamers you will know that reference. If you want to completely and utterly blow your prey apart then the heavy bowgun is for you. The heavy bowgun is the hammer out of the two range weapons sets. With its powerful rounds it deals a great amount of damage to monsters. However, there is a drawback when it comes to this weapon set you will be trading in your maneuverability and your reload speed for this weapon.

  • Pros:
    • High damage and your attacking from distance what more could you want
    • Has access to even more ammo than lighter bowgun
    • Can go on the defensive with this weapon
  • Cons
    • Slowest reload time out of the ranged weapons
    • Low maneuverability because your carrying a cannon of damage
  • Charge Blade

If you want a swiss army knife in attack and defense then this is the weapon for you.When I think of the charge blade I think of a well balanced weapon that has a lot of options for the user to utilize in combat. If you’re a sword and shield player give the charge blade a try and it will be hard to go back to ole sword and shield. This weapon is a joy to play, especially when you know all the mechanics for the weapon.

  • Pros:
    • High damage and great defense. Puts the V in Versatility
    • Can stun monsters
  • Cons
    • Hard to learn all the combos. Not a beginner friendly weapon
    • Lower mobility than the sword and shield
    • Timing all your attacks, filling up your power phials and unleashing it all.
  • Switch Axe

If you got an axe you want to grind then try out the switch axe. When it comes to power it is probably just as powerful as the hammer when it comes to damage. This weapon takes a fair amount to get used to and is quite different from the charge blade. No defense but has a great amount of damage output to make up for it 

  • Pros:
    • A true hack and slash weapon with high damage
    • Sword attacks will cut through everything like butter.
  • Cons
    • No defense and is an all offensive weapon so a lot of dodging enemy attacks
    • A big learning curve for this weapon
    • Low in mobility


With the conclusion of this guide, it has been fun. Every weapon has its ups and downs. But when it comes to Monster Hunter Rise the game has done a good job in balancing the weapon sets. From up close and personal with the dual blades to being a sniper with the light bowgun. This game does a great job of fitting different play styles for all players. Sometimes switching up weapons from time to time will give you an advantage when you play in team roles. So how about giving that bow weapon set shot right?

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