PS Now Games – April 2021

Playstation Now – has released their April games.  Starting April 6th, 3 big games coming your way.

Marvel’s Avengers

First up is Marvel’s Avengers.  It release in August of 2020. The game got decent, but not great reviews.  Play as a young Kamala Khan and help her stop AIM and their shenanigans.

Marvel’s Avengers is available until Monday July 5, 2021. 

Borderlands 3

While there has been a lot of talk, both good and bad, lately about Outriders, let’s not forget about one of the original looter shooters – Borderlands and it’s three games.

Borderlands 3 is now free for PS Now users and it’s a lot of fun.  Released in August of 2019, it got great reviews, with IGN giving it a 9/10.  If you have a thing for looting and shooting, this game should scratch that itch!

The Long Dark

This game is like the EXACT opposite of Borderlands 3, and it is the highest reviewed game of the three.  91% of Steam users like the game and 96% of Google reviewers gave it the thumbs up. 

Instead of focusing on base building like in Valheim, this game is all about survival. Immerse yourself in a dark, lonely world, we’re sure you will enjoy it.

All in all April has turned out to be a great month for PS Now subscribers. Let us know what you think of these games in the comments below!


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