Phasmophobia – Ghost guide

Phasmophobia is a tricky game to learn, with the ghosts getting more and more unpredictable with each difficulty level, the game has a fun learning curve which is more than often, punishing. So here’s a guide for the entirety of the ghosts behaviours in Phasmophobia.

Ghost Powers

All types have specific powers.


  • Banshee won’t use its ability if its target is outside the house.
  • Banshee will move to target’s position.
  • Banshee will wait for 20 seconds, if target is invisible, it will go into hunting phase.


  • Jinns will not enter ability state if fuse box is off.
  • Jinns will wait 5 seconds before using ability after entering ability state.
  • Players within 3m of Jinns in ability state will increase insanity by 25%.
  • Ghost Interaction EMF (Level 2) will be created at the ghost’s Raycast point. Jinns can only use their ability once every 100 seconds.


  • Phantoms will navigate towards random player locations.
  • Phantoms will create Ghost Interaction (Level 2) EMF at its Raycast point.
  • After reaching random player positions, Phantoms become idle.


Poltergeists will become idle without any props to interact with.

If there are props to interact with, Poltergeist will throw all of them to create a Ghost Throwing (Level 3) EMF at the thrown props’ location.

Player insanity will increase by 2x the number of props thrown if player was not in line-of-sight of the EMF spot when it spawned.


  • Wraiths choose a player randomly.
  • If target is outside the house or dead, Wraiths become idle.
  • If targets are inside the house and not dead, Wraiths will teleport to a 3m radius of them and become idle.

Random ghost reactions

  • Ghosts have a 40% chance of doing random interactions like opening doors, throwing props and writing in books.
  • Random interactions like sounds, turning on faucets, moving/teleporting items etc do not generate EMF spots.

Ghost events

  • Ghost events are for optional objectives.
  • They occur as part of random ghost interactions.
  • Ghosts have a 70% chance of entering a random event phase.
  • The chance is 77% on hard difficulty.
  • After all these checks, it can either:
  • Appear to the player, and create a Ghost Appeared (Level 4) EMF Spot
  • Turn off light switches
  • Slam doors shut, and create a Ghost Appeared (Level 4) EMF Spot
  • Spawn a random player’s model, play a scream if the spawned model or ghost is within 2m of the player
  • This one doesn’t seem to be implemented, as the game contains code to select a random player model, but never uses it
  • A ghost event will decrease a random player’s insanity by 20% (not sure if this is intended).

Ghost phrases

Ghost Phases are determined by player sanity on average, added on with a hunting multiplier, and alternatively multiplied by an Oni or Wraith multiplier.


Ghosts remain in their favorite rooms until main door gets unlocked.


Setup phase exists on Amateur and Intermediate difficulties.

Amateur has 5 minutes.

Intermediate has 2 minutes.

Professional has none.

Ghosts cannot enter regular phase in this time.

Regular phase starts immediately after the timer is over.

Entering a recognized phrase in the Ouija board has 35% chance of ending setup phase.


Ghosts have an idle timer of 2-6 seconds, starting when they return to idle state.

Once idle phase is over, ghosts have a 50% chance of entering a hunting phase, based on the team insanity and hunting multipliers.

If average player insanity and multipliers are above 50, ghost has a 17% chance of entering hunting phase.

If average player insanity and multipliers are 75 and above, ghost has 25% chance of entering hunting phase.

If a random number generated between 0 and the ghost’s random activity value is greater than their current activity multiplier, the ghost has a 1-in-2 chance of doing an interaction, using their ghost ability, or entering Wander phase.


Ghosts can wander up-till 3m of their present locations.

Wraiths can teleport to target location, leaving a Ghost Interaction EMF Level 2 at their new location.

Smudge sticks within 6m of the ghosts will stop them from hunting for 90-180 seconds and it will stop Yureis from wandering for 90 seconds.

Banshees choose new targets when their current target dies or leaves the building, if no players are in the building they return to their favorite room.

Revenants move 1.5 times slower than other ghosts, when chasing players, they move 2 times faster.


Hunting phases last for 25 seconds in amateur, 35 seconds in intermediate and 50 seconds in professional.

During the phase, ghosts choose a player to hunt.

During hunting, the ghosts hunt for players heads, which proves hiding behind objects useful.

A Ghost Appeared EMF (Level 3) reading will be created where they spawn.

All entries to the house will become locked, so outside players can’t enter and inside players can’t leave.

Crucifix within 3m or 5m for Banshees will cancel the hunt and will send ghosts back to favorite rooms.

If ghost is a shade, and there is more than 1 player in the room, the hunting phase will be over.

Ghosts will return to favorite room when target is dead.

After killing player, ghost will teleport to last known location, and be idle and unable to start hunt for next 25 seconds.

Extra interactions


The car alarm turns on when the ghost is 2m of the car, the alarm, headlights and sounds will be on when car alarm goes on.

Car keys are required to turn it off.

After turning off, Ghost Interaction EMF Level 2 spot will be created.


Fingerprint having ghosts touching a door handle will leave fingerprints on side of the door. No Ghost Interaction EMF spots spawn with this.

Doors are locked during hunting phase for a random time of 10-20 seconds.

All doors start with a locked timer of 5-20 seconds.

Ghosts can however, knock on doors when in 3m radius and create a Ghost Interaction EMF Level 2 spot at the sound’s source.

Ghosts can close and lock doors randomly.


Ghosts stay in favorite rooms for 30 seconds before returning to idle phases.


Wraiths do not make black light footsteps.

Wraiths are less likely to start hunting phase after stepping in salt.

Ghost footsteps play at 5% volume in idle phase.

When the ghost appears, footsteps play in full volume, then at 30% while still visible.


Small houses can have maximum 10 lights on.

Medium houses can have maximum 9 lights on.

Large houses can have maximum 8 lights on.

Ghosts spawn a Ghost Interaction EMF when they interact with Fuseboxes.

Ghosts have a 20% chance of turning Fusebox back on.


Ghosts react to your voice in game, even when you’re not holding down push to talk.

You must be in the same room to trigger a response.

You must wait for 2 seconds in the same room for response.

Shy ghosts only respond when there’s one person in the room.

Saying the name increases chances of response.

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