Outriders: Worldslayer DLC Review

Whats up guys, Vulkan here and today we’re talking Outriders Worldslayer, this is the first DLC for the game that adds new story, a brand new endgame to conquer and new loot to farm. But it also comes with a $40 price tag, so is it worth it? 


○ Disjointed at first. It felt like things were just happening with no real rhyme or reason. For instance, you head back to Rift Town and it’s completely destroyed and in shambles.

Then follow that up with a few more missions where things just seem to happen. It felt like a cheesy action movie up until the last three missions, then everything came together and made much more sense, but until that point, it was pretty meh. 

○ Commander Erishrigkal was a fun villain, but I really wanted to see more of her.

○ Unfortunately there are still tons of cutscenes in the game when you move between areas, go up a ladder, or trigger an event. So if those bothered you, they are still there. 

○ This is sort of a two-part point, but the final bit of story happens AFTER you clear the new endgame, Trials of Tarya Gratar – and it’s very much worth seeing. 


○ Outriders Worldslayer is definitely just more Outriders. If you didn’t like the gameplay before, you’re not going to see a huge difference now. 

outrider worldslayer review

○ I played through on my Blighted Rounds Technomancer because it’s my favorite build – and it still vaporizes everything in its path. But more builds are viable now. 

○ I was able to complete the story on my Armor stacking devastator and my Trickster

New Endgame: Trials of Tarya Gratar

○ Opens after you beat the campaign

○ The map layout doesn’t change, but enemy factions are RNG and there are secret side areas that will randomly appear each run, so lookout for new entrances. 

○ Troves are tough, but give great loot. 

○ Bosses are pretty copy and paste other than one. Most of the knights have the same moveset, just varying degrees of difficulty. So once you beat one, you know the moves the next will use. They are also guaranteed legendary drops.

○ Difficulty is tough at first, you may need to lower your Apoc tier to something more manageable until you get better gear. 

○ Expeditions are still the best place to farm drop pods, while Tarya Gratar is better for target farming and guaranteed legendary drops. 

○ Overall I like it, though I do wish there was a bit more randomness to it. 

New Progression systems: Pax Points and Ascension

○ The two new progression systems added into the game were Pax Points and Ascension. 

○ Ascension is just the Diablo Paragon System but with more flexibility. At level cap, your exp bar turns into the Ascension bar. Each level up gives you a point, spend that point to increase stats. For instance, on my blighted Rounds Techno, I am increasing my weapon damage and magazine size. For my devastator, I increased my armor. 

○ Now Pax Points are much MUCH more impactful. It’s a secondary skill tree that only gives you 5 points. But these are pretty incredible nodes. For instance, my technomancers turrets now refill my ammo, heal me, and provide additional benefits, making my build even stronger. 

§ You get pax points throughout the story and by finishing Tarya Gratar. 

○ Both of these gave Outriders some much needed progression after reaching maximum level. 

New Loot

○ I was able to fully complete a set of Flame Leper for the techno. This morphs my toxic status into Blightfire and greatly increases the damage it deals. Unfortunately it was pretty lack-luster compared to my Borealis set, which is still the king when it comes to FrostPoison builds. But I loved the concept and maybe we can make that set work for a different play style. 

○ As for weapons, I was able to get the Charred Lance, which gives me a death ray that burns enemies. Perfect for a pyromancer. I haven’t been able to experiment with it much since most of my playtime has been farming the new rarity of loot,  Apocalyptic gear. 

○ So apoc gear is a special epic drop that rolls with a third mod slot, and this mod slot can be anything, even tier 3 mods from legendaries! This makes for some insane potential since you can possibly get three tier 3 mods on one weapon. 

○ The AR I have is perfect for my setup and it rolled with a great tier 3 mod that has given my build some extra punch. 

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