Nintendo Switch 2 (Pro) LEAKED – PS5 & Xbox should be worried!

There was a Nintendo Switch 2 leak, and it provided players with numerous updates about this upcoming console. Today, we will discuss the Display, Performance, Docked Mode, Design, and finally, some information about the Nintendo Switch 2. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

00:34 – Display

According to Inno Lux, Nintendo has already begun producing the next-generation Switch, released in a few months. According to reports, the Switch 2 will also use miniLED technology, with the displays being manufactured by Inno Lux. The only disadvantage of using a miniLED is that it is pretty expensive to manufacture; it is not as expensive as an OLED, but it is more costly than a traditional LCD.

That is why if Nintendo intends to use Inno Lux. However, we are unsure if they will meet demand, especially since the previous Nintendo Switch sold over 62 million Switches since its release in 2017. However, according to Bloomberg, Nintendo will use a Samsung OLED display rather than the Inno Lux miniLED panel, which is more credible.

New Nintendo Switch Pro Will Have “Some” Exclusives, Insider Says

According to Bloomberg, because the Nintendo Switch may have an OLED display, it will benefit greatly in color change, contrast, and black levels, which will finally be perfectly black. The next step is a larger 7-inch display, far more immersive than the previous 6.2-inch panel. If the Nintendo Switch 2 has a 7-inch display with the same resolution, the PPI will be 209.

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