New World – Best Starmetal Farming Route

Starmetal Guide

starmetal new world

This guide covers the best places to farm Starmetal in New World. Starmetal is useful for high-end crafting, including making epic and legendary gear. This farming route is fast – it takes about 30 minutes and you’ll get about 2,000 Starmetal per loop or approximately 3,000 per hour.

Keep in mind that this resource respawns every 20 minutes. The best route is in Mourningdale, particularly the Restless Shores. You complete a very simple circle that starts in Fangsnap’s Den and heads north around Crux and then heads back south towards Vela. From there, keep going straight to Boarsholm, farming along the way. Keep in mind that this is a higher-level area, so you will encounter a variety of high-level enemies that you can also farm along the way.

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