Destiny 2: Beyond Light Review – The Bad, The Ugly and The Good

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We were expecting Destiny 2: Beyond Light to be a huge expansion with wonderful new weapons, missions, and so much to do. But I was disappointed.

Destiny 2 has always been about loot grabbing and finding the right weapons to use in specific situations. Sadly, many of the weapons have been “sunsetted” or “capped” in the Beyond Light expansion that launched November 10, 2020. Why, Bungie, why?


For example, the Stryker’s Sure-Hand sword that I got from the black armory has been capped to 1,060 so I cannot upgrade it anymore!

60% of the weapons are now capped, and it is so upsetting.


In terms of maps, the Cosmodome is big but really empty and barren. It literally has one strike mission and a mission for the main quest. There are hardly any missions, and there is really not that much to do.

I was expecting it to be like Dreaming City with its quests and all its secrets. For example, I really enjoyed the weird bottles that you would drink to open portals to different worlds that were challenging to complete with great rewards.


Regarding the darkness, the whole theme of the Beyond Light expansion, is not appealing. I do not want to choose the darkness. I do not like being forced to choose.

I will continue playing the game, and I hope to find the hidden goodness that I believe must be there! (Please be there.)

Get Destiny 2: Beyond Light on Steam

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