Tips that Matter in Zelda: Breath of the Wild DLC 1 The Master Trials

Hi there! I’m back at it again to pump you full of facts about things you didn’t know about Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The topic which we will be covering is the first DLC provided for this awesome game called The Master Trials DLC.

The Breath of the Wild Expansion Pass comes with two DLCs. This will come with both DLCs and give you access to three new treasure chests. So let’s break into what The Master Trials DLC holds.

trial of the sword tips

Master Mode

The Master Trials adds more of a challenge for players, especially if you are one of those hardcore players for BOTW. Look no further than the Master Mode. With Master Mode all enemies are leveled up to the next level. An example of this would be all red Bokoblins will be blue Bokoblins.

This mode adds a little more zest to it by allowing all enemies to now slowly regenerate health as well as enemies can now level up and get a health regeneration ability. This becomes incredibly challenging as even the bosses will slowly regenerate health so timing your attacks becomes crucial.

Trail of the Sword

In this DLC there is a quest that is called the Trial of the Sword. If you want to really test your wit and face groups of enemies then this is the quest for you. This quest has about 40 mini-dungeons which Link must go through.  When you start Link will have no armor, weapons, or items.

Through each stage you must collect these items in which you will use in the trials. You may be asking what’s the point of this trial? With the completion of a set amount of trials – the Master Sword will be given permanent bonuses. Bonuses like bumping the attack damage from 30 to 40, for example.

New Items and Features

One of the new features that come with this DLC is that there is a Hero’s Path Mode added to the map. With Hero’s Path Mode it shows the path Link has walked over the last 200 hours. This is a great help if you’re trying to recall the place you just visited or just reminisce of where you’ve been.

Also, there is a surplus of variety of new armor and items that are in the game. One of them includes Midna’s Helmet from The Legend of Zelda Twillight Princess and a Korok’s Mask that can help you find Korok’s.

Tip of the day

Throwing a rusty weapon at a Octorok when their sucking air.The Otoroks in or near Death Mountain region will spit back a new weapon. Give it a shot!


If your a hardcore Breath of the Wild fan then this DLC will add more to your play time as well as bring you more of a challenge. There are lots of add ons for this game, The Master Trials. My question to you do you think you can take on these new challenges?

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