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Among Us – How To Win As Imposter

So, you want to win at Among Us? Well, you have to know to use your tools correctly. Lucky for you, we’re here. We’ll discuss sabotages, impostor strats, and ways to get out of sticky situations. If done right, you’ll find it hard to lose as impostor!


Now, sabotages are a good asset for impostors. Lights make for easier kills, O2 and reactor are to split people, and comms are for dealing with people following you or for confusing any good players. Knowing when to do what is important. Here are some key points to make it easier.

Early game is when you should do lights most. It’s a chance for you and your partner to get a quick easy kill. As the game progresses, crewmates may try and clear each other, so during the middle game is when comms come in to play. With comms down, crew won’t see the taskbar and can’t get a chance to see others do tasks. You should switch between lights and comms for some time.

Now, if your partner is still in the game with 5 or 6 others or it’s just you with 2 others left, then its end game and you should do o2 or reactor. It gives you time to let cool-down ready up and then you kill and win.

If someone is following you, comms sabotage is best. This way they can’t watch you and go to fix task, and if you’re lucky you can get away with killing the person while they fix sabotage. Be aware of the taskbar, because if you see it going up quick, you need to do reactor or o2 so they have to stop task to fix it or they die.

Not only do you need to kill everyone but also delay them from doing their tasks.


Using vents is also good because you can get around fast. Real fast. If you’re in vents, go through them all just to have an understanding of where everyone is. Now in admin, there are maps that can see where everyone is.

This is your enemy. If you see someone over the admin maps it’s best to get out vents as the person may be watching you in vents through the map and could figure out who is in it.

If a body is found and you are in a vent, it is best to have looked around in vents to see an empty room to claim to be in. That is why you need to vent to multiple rooms around you as so to not be seen venting in the room and called out.

A good player looks at vents from other rooms to see someone vent without actually seeing them. If you walk out a room and someone is near, always keep in mind that they could have seen you vent.

Pay attention to people who you see often because they might be stalking you. This is where doors come into play.

Doors and Cams

Mira is the only map that doesn’t have doors, so you will have to time your kills right there. On Skeld and Polus, the doors give you about a 5-sec. window to get a kill so if you time when you press each door, you can kill and have enough time for a sabotage if people are coming to the body.

You should use doors to split people. Using admin with doors is essential because you see where people are so you know who to trap and where. At Skeld, doors are essential since the map is the smallest. It’s easier to trap people on the left side than the right, since there are more doors. So killing left side is easier and safer than right side.

Polus is big enough that you don’t really worry about doors if you kill, but it still does confuse the crewmates.

Also, pay attention to cameras. If they are on someone can see – you vent, kill, or come from kill. If you kill and see cameras were on but suddenly go off, then the camera guy might be trying to report.

If kill cool-down is short then you can lock doors and kill them when they arrive in cafe. Otherwise, it is best to keep everyone from that area.

If you kill someone make sure to use a sabotage that is opposite the kill to give you time to get somewhere populated for an alibi.

Meeting Time

Now, there may come a time where your teammate is called out. You may want to defend them, but if the evidence is too much then you should say it’s him or else you will be sus.

At the end of the day, you have to save your own skin. Say your partner is still alive, you should not be around him unless you are going to do a double kill.

The more time you spend trying to find double kills, the less time you could be doing single kills and crewmates might be starting to team up.

In meetings don’t talk a lot but don’t be quiet. It’s best to try and at least give some info like who is around you to give yourself an alibi.

Info is the biggest factor, so limiting crewmates’ chances of obtaining info is what you need to be doing. Try to get everyone to talk so there’s no time for questioning you.

If you are caught, this can be great because if they aren’t sure about the person pointing you out, they sometimes won’t vote for you.

Deny. Deny. Deny. That’s what you should do even if you are caught. Also called “the Shaggy defense” – it wasn’t me. If you play the part right, you can convince everyone it wasn’t you.

Faking Tasks and Blending In

When faking tasks, know which ones to fake. There are people who watch others do tasks and if you leave a task and the bar doesn’t go up, they might call you out.

It’s best to do wires or loading data as those are multiple-part tasks and take a while to do, giving your cooldown time to be active.

If someone follows you, take them to a secluded place and fake a long task, that could give you time to plan a kill or make the person lose interest.

Though you should fake tasks, it’s not good because it takes away time from getting a kill so it’s best to only fake tasks when someone is following you or says you’re sus.

Framing Others

Now playing as impostor isn’t just about killing, it’s about mind games. Find out whose most sus during meetings and try to frame them.

Follow them around in vent until you see an opportunity to kill someone around him while he may be on task or leaving a room while someone is still in there.

If you see people scan or someone says someone is good, you should kill them to give the crew less people to confirm as good. It’s a good trick to frame the person by just killing in front of them and blaming them if time is running out to win.


Also, look out for crew that are known to be right because chances are they will get you and you might not have even killed yet. Those people you should look out for in meetings.

If they are clearing more than half the lobby in Round 1, then chances are they’re trying to brute force their way to finding the impostor. Find them and kill them at all costs. Sometimes they will be with someone protecting them.

Pay attention to the people on tasks because you may be able to kill in front of them while they are doing it. And the brute forcer will be easy to notice because they will always be like you, not doing tasks and following people. If you see someone with these traits and they aren’t an impostor, then it’s a top priority to eliminate them.

Guide by DrewMichael48


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