Friday Night Funkin’: The Full Ass Tricky REMIXES / New Songs – Part 1 and Part 2

PART 2 UPDATE – The Full-Ass Tricky Remixes

The Full-Ass Tricky mod (FULL WEEK) is finally here and it is bloody good! This massive mod contains many new and remixed songs in 2 Parts. Each part is an independent mod that features new characters (Tricky phase 0, Antipathy Tricky, Zombie Tricky from MC 9.5), new songs, and much more.

This mod includes:
• A brand new song as a replacement for Improbable Outset.
• RetroSpecter remixes for Madness and Expurgation, and a special song over Hellclown in Part 2
• The Neutroa remix of Hellclown, Improbable Outset, and Expurgation
• Consternation by Mike Geno as a replacement for Madness in Part 2

Note: Part 1 has Consternation (from MAG Agent Torture mod), Madness and Expurgation remixes from RetroSpecter, and the Hellclown remix from Neutroa. Part 2 has Improbable Outset and Expurgation remixes from Neutroa, Consternation Remix from Mike Geno, and Hellclown Remix from Retrospecter.


Download – The Full Ass Tricky Remixes Mod here:

Download Friday Night Funkin’ here:

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