Friday Night Funkin’ – VS Bob 2.0 – Bob’s Onslaught Mod

Literally Every FnF Mod Ever (VS BOB)

Turns out Bob is angry – very angry. In fact, he’s ready to commit a fierce, overwhelming attack. That’s right, he’s bringing an ONSLAUGHT! Worse, Bob does not like boyfriend (maybe because he said he looks like Dream), and he thinks he looks “stupid”. Them’s fighting words! Get ready to battle Bob in an epic battle rap. Oh, and hopefully you don’t mind being stared at by a black screen with a white eye!

Your girlfriend turns into a hamburger by the way, and someone named Ron Sugartits drops by to start trouble! New mechanics, new layout, new everything!


Download V.S. Bob 2.0 Bob’s Onslaught here:

Download Friday Night Funkin’ here:

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