Cyberpunk 2077 – How To Get All Legendary Armor Crafting Specs Locations

All Legendary Armor Crafting Locations

Usually, when you hit up a vendor that is known to sell crafting specs, you can chat with him, see what’s available, etc. If he / she doesn’t have what you are looking for, you can skip a day ahead, and check again.

Sadly, as of patch 1.06, there is a bug that prevents you from getting legendary armour specs from vendors. At this moment, the only way to get the crafting specs from vendors is if it is the “first time” you talk to them. This bug is very annoying, as it makes it so that you don’t see crafting specs again when you talk to the vendor. It doesn’t matter how much time you skip, how many side missions you complete. Very frustrating.

Save Your Game

The trick to get around this is to simply “save your game” before speaking with them for the first time. Then load the game back in – and keep doing this until you find what you are looking for. Re-loading like this will make sure you eventually get what you are looking for – though it may take a while until you hit the jackpot!

Vendor #1 – Jinguji

The Junguji Vendor is located in the city centre – on the left side. See Image below. Look for the enhanced BD Wreath, Daemon Hunter Tongues, and Durable Emerald Speed Polyamide Beanie in particular.

Vendor #2 – Corpo Plaza City Centre

The second vendor is located at the Corpo Plaza City Centre – see image below. He can sell you a Composite Geisha Combat Shirt, Deadly Lagoon Armored Syn-Silk Pozer-Jacket, some combat exo-jack boots, and some cool looking brass colored office pants.

Vendor #3 – Heywood and Wellsprings

The third, and final vendor, can sell the Daemon Hunter Resistance coated tank-top, the Gold fury Neotac bulletproof pants, a sweet looking cowboy hat, a biker vest, and and some killer looking infovisors.

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