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how to get lunar pup coromon

Coromon – How To Get Lunarpup – Early Guide

Lunarpup Once the player arrives on Donar Island for the main story, they also happen to unlock Thunderous Cave. In order to get to the...

Beezel Breakout – Coromon Quest Guide

Continuing in our coverage of the available quests in Coromon, we're going to take a look at the "Beezel Breakout" quest. This one is...

Battle of Knowledge – Coromon Quest Guide

Coromon takes adventuring to the next level by providing players with optional side-quests alongside the main narrative that will offer unique rewards for your...

Dark Deity

Eternal Aspect Tierlist / Guide for Dark Deity

by Armani Sanchez-Yu. Eternal Aspect Unlock List: Characters that arrive with an Eternal Aspect:  Brooke: Orion’s Pursuit - Hit Chance increased by 15%. Samara: Ellis' Light - Healing...

Dark Deity – Game Manual / Player Guide / And More!

0 Table of Contents: 1. Introduction2. Stats and How They Form Advanced Stats2b. Base Stats & Growth Rates Explained2c. Each Character Growth Rate2d. Each Class Growth...

Dark Deity: Class Overview Part 6 – Adept

0 Classes in Dark Deity are split up into six different trees, with the ranger, warrior, cleric and mage available during the first mission, and then the...