Cyberpunk 2077 gameplay review – First impressions

Cyberpunk 2077 is an open-world action-adventure. The hype was big and expectations were high.

Well, to be quite honest, I wasn’t really hyped at all ’til a few days before release. That’s when it all started and I wanted to play it so, so badly.

When it released, I immediately started the game. The intro looks amazing. The main menu is clean and the music playing in the background is just right for a Cyberpunk game.

cyberpunk 2077 first impressions

Like every PC gamer, the first thing I did was looking at the settings. Graphics on high was the preset and since my PC is mostly above the recommended specs (I7-7700k, 16GB Ram and GTX 1060 6GB) I thought this will do it.

You can choose one of three classes that will impact events and dialogue options in the game. After that, you need to create your character. The customization is good enough. There are a handful of different eyes, mouths, hairstyles, beards, etc. Everyone probably knows by now but you can also choose the size of your penis (if you decide to have one!).

Depending on the “lifestyle” you chose before, the first mission is different. I am sitting in a bar, talking to a guy. He needs me to help him pay his debts. Okay, fine, cool with me.  There’s nothing your character say’s without you having the option to choose between at least two options. It seems really ambitious.

As soon as I stand up from the couch, I get FPS drops. I’m not reaching 30FPS anymore. Okay, I’ll just restart the game and play on medium settings.

Fast forward, I now get 40FPS max with frame drops here and there.

I could live with that. But not with graphical bugs and glitches every 10 seconds, textures that need 5+ seconds to load in, flying weapons over dead bodies, NPC’s and cars disappearing, washed-out textures, jagged or blocky patterns, textures (palm trees, plants, etc) hovering over faces, buildings and more, when they should not be seen.

Those are just the issues that immediately came to my mind right now.

I shot civilians and the police came to get me. I was in front of my home and shot a few cops before entering the door. A cop stands right in my doorway and stops moving. Nothing happens. Okay, well. After entering the next room and going back, the cop is gone. I go out and the cops aren’t searching for me anymore… Not even a minute passed. Well, if it’s that easy to get rid of the cops, then there is no need for such a system.

I know it’s an open-world game and these are mostly cluttered with little things to collect but it’s overdone in here. In rooms on missions, I always pressed the button to pick things up without even looking. There are dozens of items in every room and it’s just annoying playing with a controller. You need to aim perfectly on the green outline of something to pick it up.

The Good

The story is interesting. The city feels lively since most NPCs act like they actually are living a life. They talk, interact with each other and you can just watch.

The dialogue options are diverse and it feels like they may have an impact on the story.

Guns feel heavy and it’s fun to shoot around. Enemies are mostly bulled sponges on the medium difficulty which shouldn’t be surprising.

The Bad

The state of the game is awful technically. There are so many bugs and glitches and the optimization is just bad. All the fun you could have will be gone if you’re affected by these problems.

Driving a car does not feel good. It’s a bit like driving a tank but a bit more agile. The car collision is also very weird. I can’t tell if this is on purpose or just another bug.


Cyberpunk 2077 certainly can be fun when you’re not affected by all these issues. Still, you should wait for a few patches.

This review is just a first impression. Features and long-term aspects (story, decisions, etc.) are not covered.


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